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It's about time someone put walkers on the menu.

Most zombie games put a heavy emphasis on Hollywood style action, with players rushing into rooms and blowing off monsters' heads with automatic rifles. Not the case with The Walking Dead: Assault for iPhone and iPad, which slows things down considerably with squad-based play. Although one of the more popular objectives involves killing all walkers to proceed, players must consider not just the current situation, but also the team's well being. Sometimes, and this may sound crazy, firing a gun is a terrible idea. That said, and because we prefer to keep these characters among the living, behold The Walking Dead: Assault cheats and tips guide.

Distract Walkers To Divert Their Attention

As you explore, be on the lookout for green-highlighted objects, including cars, fire hydrants and bodies. Tapping them twice creates a diversion that automatically draws walkers within the area, albeit temporarily. Use this opportunity to get the jump on your enemies and pick them off.

Use Conventional Guns Sparingly

We have two great reasons why using a melee weapon (a nightstick, for example) over a shotgun is a great idea. First, you conserve ammunition, which is in limited quantities to begin with. Second, hitting a walker with a baseball bat creates much less noise, and won't attract a horde of zombies. Granted, it's more entertaining to come in guns-a-blazing, but on tougher difficulties, the silent kill will save your life.

Don't Go It Alone

Although The Walking Dead: Assault was designed to include squad-based play, you don't have to assemble a team at all. Attempting to complete missions with just one character, though, is usually a bad idea, so it's in your best interest to go in with a team of four. Added muscle and firepower always come in handy.

Consider Each Character's Strengths

You're free to throw together any combination of characters, but the game's a bit deeper than that. Each person has individual special moves and team boosts. Rick's special move, Police Training, lets him score guaranteed headshots, while his team bonus, Leadership, improves everyone's accuracy. Shane, conversely, possesses a Freakout special move where he reloads twice as fast, and his Lock & Load team bonus results in all team members dealing 25 percent more damage. In other words, you can pick Glenn because you really like Glenn as a character, but perhaps Andrea is a better fit. Of course, it's a team of four and the game has nine characters (for now), so choose wisely.

Don't Leave People Behind

You can move characters one of two ways: individually, and as a team. Always travel as a group. Not only does this prevent you from leaving someone exposed to walkers, but it also saves precious seconds, especially if your goal is to beat the level completion time.

Always Pick Up Supplies, Or Buy More

During play, you'll come upon boxes of supplies, while killing walkers sometimes produces a bit of ammo. Never leave this stuff behind, and always remember that you can buy more in between missions.

Box of 200 Supplies: $0.99
Stash of 500 Supplies: $1.99
Crate of 1,200 Supplies: $3.99

Manipulate The Camera

Bottom line, you must keep an eye on the team and walkers at all times. This can be difficult with the top-down perspective, since it's easy to lose sight of someone (or something) if he or she disappears behind a building. Thankfully, you can always readjust the camera and pinch-to-zoom, both of which give you a better view.

Don't Forget About Upgrades

After completing a mission, you can spend points to upgrade the following team attributes: damage, health, ammo capacity and adrenaline (this fuels special attacks). Not a requirement to beat the game, but it'll help tremendously.

Tips from the developers

-Trade your supplies in to recruit new team members, and purchase flares and upgrades.

-Use different characters and formations to create your perfect team.

-Stay alert. You may not be alone.

-Follow Skybound on Twitter to earn 10 free supplies.

-Press and hold the weapon icon to have everyone swap their weapons simultaneously. Tap to swap only the current teammate.

-Keep survivors alive until the end of the chapter to earn rewards.

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