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The very best puzzles from the App Store phenomenon.

Thousands of players are currently getting stuck into Gameday's Doors & Rooms, and the game's shot up the App Store charts over the last week or so. If you're stuck and need a helping hand, we've got complete walkthrough solutions for Chapters One, Two, Three, and Four so don't give up!

We wanted to highlight our favorite levels from the game in today's feature. Let us know your own personal favorites in the comments section below.

Level 1:7

There's a ticking sound in the room, and as any action-film fan will tell you that's not a good sign. What we liked most about 1:7 is that the previous levels give you just enough information to feel empowered to save yourself from the explosive peril of this particular level.

Level 1:10

The absolute definition of frustration, we can't deny we have a soft spot nevertheless for the final level of the first chapter in Doors & Rooms. The solution is relatively simple, you just need to have noted down the numbers attached to the disposable keys that you used in the preceding levels. Aaaaargh!

Level 2:4

This tricky level is the first of a handful of puzzles that require you to combine separate pieces of visual information to unravel the secret. It's the perfect example of logical deduction in Doors & Rooms, and you'll have to play with the light switch to mentally piece together the complete solution.

Level 2:5

For the sheer audacity of its design, we have to include Level 2:5 here, even though it drove us crazy at the time. There are no clues and no objects to manipulate in this room, only the key that's been secretly snuck into your backpack. A real face-palm moment awaits you here.

Level 2:7

This level is wonderfully designed and combines visual clues with audible bell-chimes. The sheet of music indicates a rising scale of notes, now all you have to do is ring the bells in the appropriate order.

Level 3:2

An ingenious piece of level design, you'll have to first infiltrate a computer system, discover a spreadsheet formula, and then apply that formula to the dated objects that are sitting on a bookcase. This is a mentally taxing but very satisfying and logically designed level.

Level 3:4

An absolute avalanche of clues fills this level as you gather up numbered objects, then apply the clues to a fuse-board of colors and numbers. A very satisfying, multi-layered puzzle, this is one of the most memorable levels in the magnificent Doors & Rooms.

Level 4:6

This level's dark room mechanic is a puzzle in itself until you discover a small glint of light that turns out to be a Zippo lighter. From here, you unravel a chilling mystery of cracked teeth and bloodied typewriter keys that will eventually lead you to freedom.

Level 4:7

By the time the designers were half-way through the fourth chapter, they'd really hit their stride and Level 4:7 is a great example of clever, blended design with a fair and logical challenge. You'll need to dig out puzzle pieces from the nearby graves to illuminate a clock-based solution on the wall. Very clever, and very satisfying to solve!

Level 4:9

Rounding off our list of great puzzles is Level 4:9. The vaguest of clues encourages you to explore the room's paintings to unlock the key to the solution. In this case, that's a devilish blend of compass points and necklace gems needed to unlock the code that's hidden in plain sight on the original clue!

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