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$6.99 too rich for your blood? If so, play Gameloft's first-person shooter free-of-charge.


Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour just dropped on iPhone and iPad, bringing intense first-person shooting across solo and multiplayer campaigns. That said, the decision to price it at $6.99 makes this title one of the more expensive games on the iOS App Store. If you're strapped for cash, no worries, as we have three codes to give away.

To enter this contest, leave a comment below, and tell us your favorite first-person shooter of all time. Is it Halo 4? GoldenEye 007? Perfect Dark? Call of Duty, or dare we say, Modern Combat? We want to know.

On that note, the contest will run through the weekend, and we'll pick the three winners at random Monday morning, December 10. Good luck.

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