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Habitats? Dynamals? Capture Eggs? Let us help you.

Oceanside Interactive's MyDinos combines elements from Pokemon and Jurassic Park Builder with satisfying results. That said, there's a lot to take in, from breeding and leveling up these animals to customizing your ranch. For that, we have this beginner's guide that'll help you squash the opposition.

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Purchase Habitats

Head to the Market to pick up habitats for your Dynamals, and be sure to buy ones that match up with each creature's unique element. Not only does this give them a place to live, but you'll also earn coins.

Breed Dynamals

A gamer can't live on basic Dynamals forever. Head to the Breeding Lab, where you can combine two Dynamals to create a new species, but there's a catch. Only certain types of Dynamals are compatible, and they may need to be a certain level to breed.

Battle Other Players

MyDinos doesn't have head-to-head online multiplayer. Instead, you're able to pit your Dynamals against another person's. Win, and you'll gain valuable XP and a modest amount of coins.

To fight, click the Friends tab on the lower left, the Battle tab and select your opponent.

Update Your GREE Account

You'll need to do this in order to send other people gifts. The best part? GREE will give you 20 diamonds for your trouble.

Always Keep Capture Eggs Handy

As the name implies, a Capture Egg lets you, for lack of a better word, capture wild Dynamals. Although these regenerate naturally, it may take a couple of hours for this to happen. If you can't wait that long, 10 Capture Eggs cost 50 Diamonds.

Tip: You have a 65 percent chance of capturing a Dynamal with a Capture Egg. To have a 100 percent chance, you'll need to spend 72 diamonds for a Master Egg during a battle.

Complete Quests

With all that Dynamal capturing and battling, it's easy to forget that MyDinos comes with a variety of quests to complete that'll help you level up and unlock new items/earn rewards. Simply tap the Quests icon on the left to view the current list.

Feed Dynamals

This is the quickest way to level them up. Open your Dex (top left corner), select the desired Dynamal and press the FEED button. Keep in mind that you'll need food in order to do this, which is why it's always a great idea to plant as many Food Trees as possible.

Tip: You'll need coins to grow all those sugarberries, banapples and prickle plums. Tap the Food Tree, press Grow and make your selection.

You Level Up Independently

Always remember that you level up independently of your Dynamals. It's possible to be a level three trainer and have level 10 creatures, for example. This is especially important if you want to unlock items for purchase at the Market. To level up, complete quests.

Tip: Defeat Ranger Bob to learn how to breed Dynamals.

You Can Sell Dynamals And Items

If you're short on coins or lack the space to fit everything, don't hesitate to sell. Granted, the game won't shower you with riches, but 125 coins for an Earth Flag sounds good to us.

Tip: Press surrounding foliage to clear it. This lets you expand the ranch, and requires coins.

Enter Bonus Codes

The developers occasionally give away free diamonds by listing bonus codes on the game's Facebook page, which you can visit by clicking here. Once you have a code, press the Market icon, Treasure and Redeem Bonus Code.

25 Free Diamonds: JQ2RN6264

25 Free Diamonds: VPMHRKR29

Buy Coins, Food And Diamonds

The more resources you possess, the more accessible MyDinos will be. Coins come in handy for purchasing items at the marketplace, food replenishes a creature's hit points and diamonds speed things a long. Fortunately, you can buy all of these virtual goods any time.


Stack of Coins (7,500): $0.99
Pile of Coins (30,000): $4.99
Heap of Coins (125,000): $9.99


Food Stack (5,000): $0.99
Food Bundle (20,000): $4.99
Food Heap (100,000): $9.99


Bunch of Diamonds (100): $0.99
Stack of Diamonds (210): $1.99
Pile of Diamonds (550): $4.99

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