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The complete walkthrough for Chapter 5: The Kingdom.

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Level 5:1

First, grab the following objects: the pin in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, the wingnut in the chest of drawers, and the knife and mace that are near the suit of armor. Use the mace on the crate to pick up an axe head. Use the knife on the roll of carpet and pick up the note that falls out. There's a piece of wood on the floor that's slightly darker than the others. Tap on it and take out the piece of wood that's hidden.

Combine the axe-head with the wood, then use the wingnut on the beer barrel so you can grab the ballerina statue. Use the pin on the musical box to the right of the screen, then use the ballerina statue on the music box. Open the music box drawer and take out the key which you should then use on the piano lid. Now you need to play the notes listed on the piece of paper on the piano.

A secret compartment will open up, allowing you to take out a ring. Use the axe to destroy the barrier on the door. Place the ring in the slot on the door. Leap frog the arrow keys over each other so that all the left arrows are on the left, and all the right arrows on the right. Exit the room.

Level 5:2

Tap on the banquet table til you have a bottle of wine and a knife, grab the helmet and mace off the suit of armor, the platter off the left-hand shelf, and finally the corkscrew and wine glass from the right-hand shelf. Use the knife on the turkey to get a scrap of paper with the number written on it. Use the mace on the right-hand vase, then use the armor helmet to scoop up some dirt. Use the dirt-filled helmet on the fireplace to extinguish the fire.

Combine the corkscrew with the bottle, then dismantle the bottle to get a cork. The objects you collected have numbers on them which related to the coded box on the mantlepiece. The painting above the fireplace demonstrates the order you need to enter the first digit of each of these number clues in. From the top to bottom, enter the number 3, 7, 9 then 5 on the ornate box to open it. Take the medallion from inside, then use it on the door to reveal a pattern puzzle. You need to tap on these quadrants until there's a border of blue gems, and a central cross of red gems. Now exit the room.

Level 5:3

Take the bottle of dangerous fluid from the bedside table, then use it on the left-hand curtain rope to drop a chandelier. Pick up the ornament from the chandelier then dismantle it. Use the headless horse ornament on the bed then take the stone ox and dismantle it to get half a pair of scissors. Take the second half of the scissors from the eagle statue then combine both halves. Use the scissors on the clothes dummy to remove the heart.

Combine the heart with the spade-shaped pin. Tap on the bottom right bed-post, then keep tapping until it rotates and a key appears. Use this on the exit door, then open the door. Take the mask, then combine it with the orange eye piece. Use the resulting object on the stained-glass window to have a code projected on the floor. Use this clue to open the box at the bottom of the bed. Take the baton from inside and dismantle it. Use the upper part on the door to reveal a puzzle. Switch the tiles to the lion image, then exit the room.

Level 5:4

Take the fish off the wall, then use it on the bear's mouth to unlock the drawer beneath the bear. Now take the chess piece from the drawer. Take the jug from the shelf and dismantle it to get another chess piece. Grab the piece hiding in the plant that's on the top of the chest of drawers, and also the knight piece lying under the top right-hand corner of the carpet.

Inside the grandfather clock is a clue about how to play the notes on the harp. Apply this pattern to the harp strings, then take the key that pops out of the top of the harp. Use the key on the chest of drawers, and take the scroll and the final chess piece. This note along with the chessboard provide the clues you need to open the box on top of the chest of the drawers. Match the following letters to the following numbers and leave everything else alone: B=5, C=7, E=1, G=3, H=2.

Take the blade from the box and unsheathe it with the Dismantle option. Use the blade in the door puzzle lock, then solve the puzzle on the door to leave the room.

Level 5:5

Take the scraps of paper hidden under the chair seat, inside the book on the table and on top of the step-ladder. Open the visor of the left-hand suit of armor and take the piece of paper. The red stars in the telescope view indicate the code to enter on the draw door of the left-hand cupboard: 6479.

Once opened, take and dismantle the box inside. You'll receive a lot of star-sign tablets. Using the charts and scraps of paper you can determine which tablets to place on the chest of drawers next to the right-hand suit of armor. From left to right, it's Aquarius, Aries, Libra, Taurus. Take the book that's revealed and use it on the gap in bookshelf. Tap on it to access a puzzle. Rearrange the tile pieces to match the image on the left, then exit the room through the hidden exit!

In creating this guide, we referenced YouTube user AppAnswers to help refine our solutions.

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