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More than meets the eye.

If you grew up in the 80s, there's a great chance you'll fall in love with Transformers Legends, a free-to-play card battle game featuring Generation 1 versions of beloved characters like Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron. With scores of cards to collect, including robot and Alt forms, building the ultimate deck of heroes and villains may become an obsession. That said, Legends is more complex than most smartphone and tablet games, so to walk you through the process, the developers created a detailed guide. On that note, here are some tips, straight from the source.


Player Level: The number of Allies you can have increases at higher player levels.

XP: XP is needed to gain levels. You can earn XP by carrying out Missions and battling friends.

Energon: Energon us used to scan during Missions.

Battle Cubes: Battle Cubes can be used to battle other players.

Credits: Credits can be used to Upgrade of Trans-Scan cards.

Ally Points: Interact with friends and use the points to open the Space Bridge for more Transformers character cards.

Battle Points: Battle other players for Battle Points that can be exchanged for new weapons.

Character Cards

In Transformers Legends, you must create a Team by combining two kinds of cards, character cards and weapon cards.

Character Cards: The Robot Mode and Alt Mode of each character used in battle. These can be combined with weapon cards.

Weapon Cards: When combined with character cards, these weapons provide bonuses and increased power.


A Unit is made up of one character card and a weapon card. In Transformers Legends you need to create Units to battle other players.

Tip: Select TEAM in the Main Menu to browse your character and weapon cards.

Card Rarity

Indicates how difficult a character or a weapon is to acquire.

Common: Indicated with the number 1.

Uncommon: Indicated with the number 2.

Rare: Indicated with the number 3.

Super Rare: Indicated with the number 4.

Tip: Card Attributes include Attack, Health and Defense.

Character Card Bonuses

Character cards have two bonuses available. When the card reaches its Max Level a bonus is activated. When the Robot Mode and Alt Mode are trans-scanned, then the Trans-Scan Bonus is activated.

Card Attributes

Weapon cards boost the strength of character cards when combined with a Unit. Weapon cards also have unique Abilities and Skills.

Weapon Card Abilities

Weapon cards that have abilities are used periodically during battle. There are two types of abilities, Initial Ability and Battle Ability. An Initial Ability executes at the start of battle. A Battle Ability executes in any round after the start of battle.

For example, a weapon card with the Double Attack Battle Ability allows your forces to attack twice in one turn.

Weapon Card Skills

Weapon cards with skills will boost the attributes of the character card if the requirements are met. There are four requirements.

Faction Skill: Match the character card's faction with the weapon's faction.

Specialization Skill: Each weapon and character card has a specialization. Melee, Ranged and Heavy. Match the two and the skill is activated.

Class Skill: Match the class of the character with the same class of the weapon. Assault, Command, Infiltration and Spec-Ops.

Character Skill: Match a character with its signature weapon.

Upgrade Your Cards

You can combine cards to upgrade them and make them more powerful. Select a card to be the base card. This is the card whose stats will improve. Then select a card to be the material card. You can select multiple material cards at once.

Upgrading also requires Credits in addition to the cards. Upgrading consumes all material cards. Only the base card will remain. The process cannot be reversed, so choose your cards with care.


Trans-Scan is where you combine the Robot Mode and Alt Mode of a character. The result is a stronger card that can change modes and gives a large bonus during battle.

If you upgrade both the Robot Mode and the Alt Mode to Max Level before performing the trans-scan, you will get the largest stat increase.

Selling Cards

You can sell cards in exchange for Credits in the Base Menu. Once a card is sold you cannot get it back, so take care when selling your cards.

Storing Cards

You need to store each card you want to keep. There is a limit to the number of cards you can have in your Base. You can have up to 100 character cards and 50 weapon cards. If you acquire more chards than you have space for in your Base, the excess cards are marked as overflow. There's no limit to the number of overflow cards that will be tracked, but after the first card enters the overflow, a 24-hour timer starts. All cards in the overflow at the end of that 24 hours will be deleted.

Staying Organized

It's good to keep a few slots open in your base for new cards. If you free up space by upgrading, Trans-Scanning or by selling cards, overflow cards will automatically be moved into your Base, starting with the cards that have been in overflow the longest.

Remember that cards that are removed when overflow is cleared are lost forever and cannot be restored.

Tip: To get more room in the Base, reach certain goals while playing the game.


Occasionally you'll receive Rewards while playing the game. You can accept any uncollected Rewards from the Main Manu. There is no time limit on Rewards.


Credits are the currency used when you perform an Upgrade or Trans-Scan. You earn Credits by carrying out Missions and competing in Standard Battles. You can also sell your cards for Credits.


Players can carry out Missions to earn Credits and character cards, have a chance to battle other players and fight the boss at the end of each Battleground.

Combat Cache

Combat Cache is an event that sometimes occurs during a Mission. in Combat Cache, you'll have a chance to get a character card by choosing one of five face-down cards. Only one of the cards is a rare character card.

PVP Ambush

Sometimes you may encounter other players during a Mission. You can earn Credits, Battle Points and XP by defeating them. During a PVP Ambush, you fight other players just as you do in Standard Battles, except that Battle Cubes are not consumed, and there is no penalty for losing.

Boss Interception

Sometimes you may encounter enemies during a Mission. You can earn Credits and even weapon cards by defeating enemy bosses.

Tip: You earn experience points (XP) when carrying out Missions or Battles. When you've earned enough XP, you'll gain a Level.


Carrying out Missions consumes energon. If you run out of energon, you won't be able to advance. You recover all of your energon after defeating a boss of leveling up. You automatically regain one unit of energon per minute. You can also use a Full Energon Recharge to fully restore your energon. You can also select EXIT to leave the current mission.

Tip: Full Energon Recharges can be purchased from the Store with MobaCoins.

Standard Battles

In Standard Battles, you deplete Battle Cubes each time you challenge a player. Each side has a Battle Team of nine Units, and the outcome of the battle is determined by skillfully creating a strong team and luck. The more powerful your foe, the more Credits, XP and Battle Points you can win.

Battle Cubes And Battle Points

It takes one Battle Cube to engage in a Standard Battle. If you don't have enough Battle Cubes, you can't enter a battle. You recover one Battle Cube per hour.

You can also use a Full Battle Cube recharge to fully restore your Battle Cubes, or a Battle Cube Recharge to restore one Battle Cube.

Battle Points, on the other hand, are earned by defeating other opponents in Standard Battle. When enough Battle Points are earned, the Battle Point Space Bridge can be called to earn a valuable weapon card.


Allies are other players that can fight alongside you. Allies can Cheer each other and send messages. As your level rises, you increase the number of Allies you may have.

A Cheer is a greeting sent between players. You can send a person a message and earn Friend Points. Cheering or sending Messages to Allies earns Ally Points. When enough are earned, the Free Space Bridge can be opened to obtain valuable character cards.

Space Bridge

You can get new character cards and new weapon cards from the Space Bridge, activate with Battle Points, Ally Points, Medals or MobaCoins.


Total Recharge: Instantly recharges all energon and Battle Cubes.

Full Energon Recharge: Automatically recover one energon unit per minute, but you can use a Full Energon Recharge to instantly recover all energon.

Full Battle Cube Recharge: Use a to instantly recover all Battle Cubes.

Small Energon Recharge: Use to recover 50 energon units.

Battle Cube Recharge: Use to recover one Battle Cube.

You can find these same tips by accessing Help from the Main Menu.

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