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Don't head into this monster-filled world unprepared.

In Ravensword: Shadowlands, Crescent Moon Games provides a brief tutorial that covers the basics, then throws you into a massive virtual world populated with bears, trolls, goblins and other nasty critters that do a great job ripping your hero to shreds. Hand holding? User-friendly navigation? Such things don't exist in this iPhone and iPad adventure. Instead, you'll need to figure it out on your own, and learn by doing, even if such risky behavior results in your character's demise; it most certainly will. That said, this beginner's guide will help you on this treacherous journey.

Tip: When speaking to a merchant, "Bye" means you want to leave the conversation. To Buy/Sell, press Trade.

Sell Unwanted Items

Gold can be difficult to come by. Fortunately, there's no shortage of non-player characters willing to buy your junk. Goblin shields, goblets, swords, clubs, rat meat, venison? Everything's on the table, so if you don't need something, sell the heck out of it.

Stock Up On Useless Crap

As a side note to selling, it's therefore in your best interest to slaughter a few animals on the way to the next quest, since you'll be able to unload this stuff later.

Tip: Smash wooden barrels to find gold.

Buy Health And Energy Potions

The first is self-explanatory. Although health regenerates, it does so at a slow pace. Not exactly ideal with multiple enemies attacking from all sides. Energy is arguably more important, since having some lets your character unleash multiple attacks in rapid succession, sort of like a combo. Run out, and you leave the hero wide open to taking damage and/or getting knocked down.

Tip: Restoration potions serve a dual purpose by replenishing both Health and Energy.

Assign Potions To Main Screen

You're able to assign a potion to one of four slots on the in-game screen for easy access. Unfortunately, the game cannot display a potion's color within these slots; red, blue, etc. This often leads to using Energy when you meant to choose Health. That being the case, remember the order in which you placed each potion. As a rule of thumb, make the first two slots Health, and the final two Energy to help avoid confusion, or come up with some other easily remembered combination.

Equip Stuff

It's one thing to equip sword and shield, the two basic staples of any hero living in a fantasy world. That said, don't forget about all those runes, rings and armor you acquire along the way. Each piece of loot imbues your character with added strength and abilities, be it double damage or powerful fire attacks. On that note, don't be so quick to sell these valuables, either.

Tip: To view your inventory, stats, talents, quests and the map, press the backpack icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Tip: Tap an item to see what it does.

Increase Stats And Talents

Ravensword lets you tweak your character's abilities. Use Attribute Points to improve Strength, Agility, Endurance and Vigor. Conversely, spend Talent Points to increase General Talents (Acrobatics, Good Fortune, Fast Learner, Riding for when you have a mount, Quickness), Combat, Magic and Stealth. The more you do this, the more of an efficient killing machine the hero will become.

Tip: Access Stealth by pressing and holding the Camera Mode button on the top right. This also switches from third to first person if tapped quickly.

Don't Forget Lock Picks

The last thing you need is to find some treasure chest buried deep within a cave, only to make the disappointing realization that you no longer have any lock picks. Rule of thumb, always keep some handy.

Tip: Spend Talent Points on Stealth, subcategory Master Thief to increase the chance of picking locks.

Fast Travel Whenever Possible

No one will make fun of you for taking the scenic route and backtracking through previously explored areas. If, however, you're pressed for time, open the Map, tap the desired location and watch as you get magically whisked away. Definitely a great idea when you're low on potions.

Tip: You cannot fast travel during combat.

Tip: You need to visit an area for it to be made available for fast travel.

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