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Our complete guide to this intriguing puzzle game.

We haven't stopped playing Hundreds since we reviewed the game earlier today, and it's a puzzle game that gets the New Year off to a fantastic start. Here are our top hints and tips for working your way through this fiendishly tricky and intriguing puzzler.

How do I complete a level in Hundreds?

Very simple. You need to press on the gray circles on the screen to increase both their size and the number written on them, until you've reached a total of 100. You can use any number of the circles on the screen to achieve this, but they mustn't touch while you're growing them. It's often a good idea to spread the risk out, especially once the game starts to introduce dangerous obstacles.

How do I deal with negative numbers in Hundreds?

Sometimes you'll have to start off by reducing the size of a circle in order to adjust the number in the center of the screen. Once reset, you can start building the number back up to 100.

How do the gray-cross circles work in Hundreds?

If you have an circle on the screen that's black with a gray cross in it, these represent immoveable objects, and you'll need to work your growth around them.

How do I use the bubbles in Hundreds?

The gray spherical objects are bubbles that you can pop with a finger press. Don't be too quick to get rid of all of them though, as they can be useful for protecting your growing circles from dangerous objects. Only ever clear just enough space to allow growth to continue before popping any more.

Why can't I increase the size of a circle in Hundreds?

If one half of the circle you press is highlighted, that means it's tethered to another circle. Follow the dotted line to find out which one. You must increase the size of both circles at the same time, but note that you will still be penalized if they touch during growth.

How do I deal with the spinning saws in Hundreds?

They're a real pain, especially the ones that are free to move around the screen. The best way to deal with these is to slightly increase the size of a lot of circles, so if there's a collision you won't lose a lot of hard work. Keep working around the screen as fast as possible, adding a little bit of growth to as many circles as you can.

How do I pause a spinning saw in Hundreds?

If you look closely at the icons before a level starts, you'll notice that some of the saws have a red timer "blob" in the middle of them. Pressing this will stop the saw in its tracks for a short period of time. Use these wisely to manage movement around a level.

How do I unfreeze a circle in Hundreds?

If a wandering ice bubble has frozen a circle solid, simply hold down the frozen circle until it's become large enough to burst through the frosty layer. Just be careful you don't begin growing towards a collision when you do this. Alternatively, a circle that grows into a frozen bubble will also pop the icy covering.

Why is a circle shrinking in Hundreds?

Certain objects, represented by a circle within a circle, will shrink once you've taken your finger off them. In these levels, you need to act quickly to both grow your total, and repair any that have started to get smaller.

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