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A bloody wish list.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas unless it's the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and NVIDIA kicked things off in startling fashion by unleashing its new Tegra 4 chip, coming soon to an Android device near you. In a surprise move, the company chose to demo this new technology with Dead Trigger 2, sequel to the thoroughly entertaining first-person shooter that captivated both iOS and Android audiences. Attendees were treated to brief footage, and we already know that Dead Trigger 2 features improved visuals and a humongous zombie that makes the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man seem tame by comparison.

Aside from those tiny details, much of the game remains a mystery, and with that being said, here's what we'd most like to see in this highly anticipated follow-up, beyond more zombie types of course.


Multiplayer Mode

There has to be some sort of online/offline multiplayer in Dead Trigger 2, preferably involving zombies versus humans. We could see a King of the Hill style mode where survivors erect a barricade and attempt to hold this position as long as possible, or just an all-out deathmatch, with zombie speed and strength tweaked to make things even; as even as can be when one side carries automatic weapons. Co-op isn't such a bad idea either.

New Weapons

This one's obvious. The original Dead Trigger has a fine section of deadly toys, but a sequel opens the door for new possibilities when it comes to tearing zombies apart. Madfinger already unleashed its creative side with the Alien Gun and Brain-Mill, but no zombie game is complete without a flamethrower. We have a good feeling that Tegra 4 can make fire look pretty, especially as it consumes the undead.

More Zombie Gambling

Dead Trigger features a basic but still addictive slot machine that lets users win prizes, including a jackpot of 200 gold. Granted, the primary goal is to kill zombies, but Madfinger can expand on this with roulette or even blackjack to help kill time between missions.

New Control Schemes

Currently, most if not all first person shooters rely on virtual analog sticks, but there has to be one or more control types that improve upon the formula. Right now, Dead Trigger has Free Move Pad and Static Move Pad. Time for the developers to experiment with something else, in addition to what's already there.

On-Rails Segments

We'd love to play missions that let us destroy zombies aboard an attack chopper or inside a truck. Would give the term “riding shotgun” greater appeal.

More Arenas

So far, we have a Bloody Subway, Haunted Graveyard, Stadium and Blood Xmas locations to choose from. Keep them coming.

Image Source: Android Police

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