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Our complete guide to the smash-hit racer.

If you're looking for a Wipeout-inspired racer that throws in enough twists to stand out from the crowd, look no further than Pixelbite's excellent Repulze. We gave the game 4 out of 5 stars in our review yesterday, now here are all of our top hints and tips for the game.

How does polarity work in Repulze?


The system is actually very simple but not very clearly explained at the start of the game. At any one time, your vehicle will be "attuned" to a different color: red or green. If you're red, you must pass through the red gates. Once you've passed through three gates successfully, the polarity is switched and you'll need to change the gates you pass through.

How do gate penalties work in Repulze?

If you're polarized to red, for example, and you pass through a green gate then your speed will be reduced considerably. Conversely, passing through the correct-colored gate will give you a speed boost, so it's incredibly important to match gates with your polarity.

How do Boosts work in Repulze?


Once you've passed through three gates and switched polarity, you'll receive an awesome speed boost and you can own up to three of these at any one time. To activate a speed boost, hit the bottom-center of the screen. Be warned though! You'll shoot off at a terrific rate, so save it for straights or parts of the course you know extremely well.

How can I get more XP in Repulze?

You'll be rewarded with XP for completing certain achievements in a race. Set a fast time, chain up a combo of successful gate passes, and avoid collisions in a lap to get some very useful XP bonuses which will help you level up through the ranks.

What is XP used for in Repulze?


As you gain more XP, you'll level up in the game. Leveling up not only gives you access to brand-new vehicles, it also allows you to customize the appearance of your racers, adding a little cosmetic flair to your performance!

How do I unlock new tracks in Repulze?

To unlock a new track and play competitively, you're going to need to acquire badges. Before starting every race, you'll see a list of challenges associated with the track. You receive a badge for each one of these that you complete, so if you're struggling to make progress through the game, it's worth going back and making sure you've completed everything.

How should I deal with slow vehicles in Repulze?


Sometimes on a race-track you'll encounter very slow-moving vehicles that get in the way. As a general rule, faced with the option of hitting the wrong gate or hitting a vehicle, go for the wrong gate. You'll still take a speed penalty, but much less so than from a direct collision.

Which is the best vehicle in Repulze?

Each vehicle in Repulze has its own strengths and weaknesses, so choose the right racer for the right track. Here's the low-down on each of the available vehicles, and don't forget you can customize the appearance of these as you level up!

Buffalo 46-TR

Handling: 4 Acceleration: 7 Speed: 4

The car you start off in, you'll want to upgrade to the next vehicle as soon as possible, so go for clean laps, grab that extra XP and level up to Apprentice as soon as possible.

Yugana SB-23

Handling: 5 Acceleration: 5 Speed: 6

It might take a little while to get going, compared to the Buffalo 46-TR, but for tracks with good straights and minimal cornering this beauty will get you well on your way to finishing off the challenges.

Loewenmech X3-53


Handling: 4 Acceleration: 5 Speed: 7

Another vehicle that favors raw speed over a quick start, the Loewenmech is a decent upgrade once you've achieved Engineer rank.

Protagonist TI33

Handling: 7 Acceleration: 5 Speed: 4

A rather sluggish, yet agile craft, the Protagonist is unlocked once you hit the rank of Senior Engineer.

Nousagi RS-55

Handling: 7 Acceleration: 5 Speed: 6

If you favor taking sharp corners at blistering speeds, upgrade to the Nousagi RS-55 once you've achieved Expert rank.

Berserkur 4582

Handling: 5 Acceleration: 6 Speed: 7

The last vehicle, and it's unlocked when you hit Veteran level. The best all-rounder you can get your hands on.

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