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A frustrating game for only the most masochistic puzzle fan.

As someone who plays a huge number of puzzle games on their mobile, and would in fact always choose a slick and original puzzler over a big-budget portable console affair, it's a little embarrassing to admit that not only did BloxBox get the better of me, I'm not even entirely sure how to describe the game.


If you can image a sliding tile puzzle combined with an auto-runner, you're a fair bit of the way to understanding it. A flick of the screen vertically or horizontally sends a white tile hurtling off in that direction. If the tile you're working on doesn't have a border, the white square falls off the game board and returns to its last place of rest. The ultimate objective is to steer this square from its starting position to the finishing area, collecting as many stars as you can along the way.


This is where the sliding tile puzzling comes in. The game area is made from any number of tiles, with one empty slot available for you to shuffle things around in. If you need to stop your traveling square from flying off the screen, for example, you can rearrange the board such that the square can come to rest against a newly arranged buffering block. Not complicated enough for you? You can pause the game and re-arrange while the square is in mid-flight.


To gather up all the stars you are going to have to spin a very complex web of shuffled tiles as you slowly work your way around the whole game area. While it's a fascinating concept, it's not a particular enjoyable one in all honesty, and there is no shallow water to be found here - just a very, very deep end. And that's just the basics - we haven't even got started on the conveyor belts which automatically steer the square around the board, and I'm getting sweaty palms just thinking about it.


So it's interesting, intricate and original, but is the game just a little too clever for its own good? Quite possibly, and that punishing feeling isn't helped much by the paper-thin tutorial content. If you really do consider yourself a cut above the average puzzle gamer, BloxBox will make the final decision for you - it's a free game too, so this particular challenge is ready whenever you are.

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What's Hot:An original, if somewhat bewildering, and challenging puzzle game.

What's Not:A pretty unfriendly title that feels like an unfinished prototype in many ways.


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