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We've swung into action to bring you our handy guide.

We reviewed Chillingo's Swing King earlier today and awarded the game 4 out of 5 stars for its refreshing take on mobile physics puzzling. If you need a helping hand through these trickily designed levels, then we've got some helpful hints and tips for you.

How do the green power-ups work in Swing King?


These are often essential for getting to the end of a level. Once you've collected one, tapping anywhere on the screen will cause a swinging hook to appear. When placing these, make sure that the king will be able to reach it and grab on, or he'll fall off the screen.

How does the boxing glove power-up work in Swing King?

Once you've picked up this upgrade, you'll be able to tap on the screen to punch through any destructible objects. It's pretty obvious which ones can be knocked through, but the king must be within arm's reach of it to make contact. Don't worry! With the glove attached you can still swing from hooked objects.

Does it matter if I don't get all the stars in Swing King?


You'll want to try and grab as many stars as possible in Swing King, otherwise you won't be able to tackle the boss and progress through the game (see below). Once you've managed to clear a level, it's a good idea to go straight back in and try and improve your star collection while your memory's fresh.

How do I unlock a new world in Swing King?

New stages are unlocked by making progress through the game's levels, then beating the boss on each stage. To get to the boss level though, you'll need to have earned a certain number of stars from that stage. If the option to tackle him isn't available, go back to earlier levels and try to get a few more stars from them.

How do I beat the boss in Swing King?


You need to punch the boss in his laser-firing eye, and do so in each of the mini-challenges you'll be presented with. Focus on working out how to get to the boxing glove power-up, and then how to get near the boss from there. You won't die for falling off the screen here, so once you're close to him and the action slows down, tap away at his eye to deliver a knockout blow!

What are the hats used for in Swing King?

These are just for fun, and are unlocked as you make progress through the game or complete special achievements on individual levels. To equip one, tap the hat icon on the main menu and then select the one you want! If a hat hasn't been unlocked yet, there's some brief information desribing what you need to do to access it.

If you want to unlock all of the hats straight away, it will cost you a little real-world money. Check the regional price direct from your device.

How do I move around the screen in Swing King?


If you're struggling to find out where you're headed next, you're in good company as we had the same problem. Hold your finger down on the screen and slowly move it to get a better look at where you're headed towards next.

I can't reach a star without dying in Swing King

If this happens, it's usually a sign that you didn't act quickly enough, as sometimes those stars move through levels over time. Start again and try and make your next moves a little bit quicker. Very often you need to chain quick-thinking (and finger-work) together to get every star on a level.

How do I move platforms out of the way in Swing King?


If there's a platform in the way, there's one of two things you can do. First, shooting the king at it might cause it to move out of the way and form a new ramp or platform. Secondly, on the later ice levels, firing the king at an object causes it to glide along any icy surfaces. Just make sure you've got something else for him to swing from after the rebound!

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