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Arm yourself with Shaq-sized knowledge.

While making your list of to-dos, pencil in ShaqDown for iOS and Android. One Spear Entertainment's zombie-smashing game casts NBA icon Shaquille O'Neal in the starring role, as the Diesel attempts to survive the mutant zombie apocalypse. The game's humorous and quite enjoyable, but only if you come to grips with the controls and secrets. Don't get rejected. Just read through our ShaqDown cheats and tips guide. The Big Aristotle would be proud.


Know Your Mutants

If you intend to stay alive in this endless runner, you'll need to have a firm grasp of the three enemy types. Standard Mutants pose no threat whatsoever, so feel free to just charge right into them. Unstable Mutants, on the other hand, are about to transform into Armored Mutants. To take these suckers down, tap the screen to unleash a free throw that turns these creeps back into Standard Mutants. Finally, be sure to avoid those Armored punks at all costs.

Tip: Beat Story Mode to unlock Survival Mode.

Don't Lose Shaq's Combo

Killing Standard and Unstable Mutants in rapid succession builds Shaq's combo meter. The higher the combo, the more Shaqra (the game's virtual currency) you stand to earn. That said, it's in your best interest to kill enemies as quickly as possible.

Tip: Before leaving a platform, fire a free throw to kill potential off-screen mutants. It's a great way to keep Shaq's combo alive.

Use Special Attacks

Don't lose sight of the special meter, located along the bottom of the screen. Normally, it displays the image of a basketball, but if you build up the meter by slaughtering mutants, you'll gain access to a jump shot laser attack, or a powerful boost maneuver that lets Shaq plow through all types of mutants without threat of injury.

Tip: Unlock Achievements to earn bonus Shaqra. For the full list, click the BONUS option on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Buy New Outfits

Don't let all that Shaqra burn a hole in your virtual pocket. Visit the Shop to spend it on new outfits that boost Shaq's abilities. The Fever Suit, for instance, increases his Earning Bonus by 40 percent, and doubles his Free Throw Ability. The Flare Suit, on the other hand, jacks up his Earning Bonus to a whopping 80 percent.

Tip: Study boss patterns to learn weaknesses.

Cheat With In-App Purchases

You don't have to earn thousands of Shaqra to unlock the best abilities. A credit/debit or gift card will do just fine. On that note, feel free to max out Shaq for $0.99, earn double Shaqra for $0.99 and access the superior Dunkman outfit for $4.99. You can even fork over $0.99 for Lee Kemp, three time World Champion Olympic wrestler that gives Shaq a valuable assist.

Tip: Move up or down close to an enemy to execute an uppercut or slam. Works great against the Offroad Marauders boss in level two, since you're able to repel missiles.

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