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Our complete guide to Hello Games' motorcycle masterpiece.

Joe Danger Touch is such a superb game that it became the first title of 2013 to get a Modojo five star rating in our review earlier today. If you're stuck, or just need a few handy hints and tips for the game, here's our guide to mastering all of those tricky courses.

How do I perform a wheelie in Joe Danger Touch?


This takes a little getting used to but it's actually very simple. What you need to do is swipe gently from right to left either on Joe, or just above him. This will give you a very valuable burst of speed, as well as letting you shoot straight through any muddy patches unimpeded.

How do I win a race against an opponent in Joe Danger Touch?

This is where the wheelie trick becomes incredibly important. As well as making sure that you time all of your leaps and ducks very carefully indeed, you should always perform a wheelie whenever you're on a straight piece of track. This can very often make the difference between winning and losing a face-off, so always make use of it whenever you can.

How do I stop getting slowed down by mud in Joe Danger Touch?


That mud will slow you down horribly, and can often lose you a one-on-one race against the AI. You've got two choices here. Either you can make use of a ramp to clear the obstacle entirely or, if that's not possible, perform a wheelie to slide with ease through the mucky ground.

How do I unlock new stages in Joe Danger Touch?

Each race in the game has a series of challenges associated with it. These are displayed at the start of each race, and being successful at these challenges rewards you with a medal. To unlock later stages in Joe Danger Touch, you'll need to have earned a certain number of these, so don't be afraid to go back to easier levels to increase your medal collection.

How do I get more coins in Joe Danger Touch?


Something the game doesn't explain is that you can pop those bubbles that you sometimes see floating around the screen. Some of these contain coins, and if you tap on the bubbles, you'll automatically collect the currency. Note that you need to get these bubbled coins if you're to unlock the coin-collecting medal on a stage.

How do the fans work in Joe Danger Touch?

In some levels, you'll have to take to the air via the fans that are littered about. When this happens, you'll automatically float up in the air while traveling forwards. Hold your finger down on the screen to lower Joe's height, essential if you want to grab every coin as well as dodge any spiky obstacles!

How do I change Joe's costume in Joe Danger Touch?


To equip Joe with a different set of threads, tap on the T-shirt icon that appears above his head in the menu screens. From here you'll be able to dress him up in any of the finery you've purchased with coins. These aren't just cosmetic costume changes either. Each outfit has its own stat boosts too, so if you're struggling with a challenge try experimenting with a new look for Joe.

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