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New content in the works for this superb take on the console classic.

Hello Games, creator of the superb Joe Danger Touch, has got in touch with Modojo this afternoon to confirm that a bug which caused the game to crash on a small number of fourth-generation iPads has been fixed. Hooray!

"After working through the night, and with the help of some fantastic folks at Apple, we managed to get an update on the App Store within 24 hours of the first issue being reported. Our heads are still spinning," said Sean Murray, developer at Hello Games.

Murray also hinted that we could be in for some new content for the game which picked up a rare Modojo five out of five stars in our review earlier this week.

"It was a pretty rare issue, but the huge popularity of the game at the moment meant that quite a few users were affected. We wanted our first update to be something really special, and contain some surprises, but instead it's just a simple bug fix. We'll start working on the real thing now."

"We really appreciate the patience of everyone affected. As of right now, it looks like all devices are working great. For instance, nobody expects a game like ours to run well on the iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4 and iPad 1, but I think we're pleasantly surprising people."

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