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We'll help you get to grips with this chip off the old Minecraft block.

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The Blockheads has been tearing up the App Store charts since it was released earlier in the week, and we gave the game a very solid 4 out of 5 stars in our review. If you need a helping hand with your first few days in the game, we've pulled together all of the hints and tips you'll need to make your mark on the world.

What should I do at the start of The Blockheads?


The simple answer would be to do whatever you want! Make sure to have a good read through the brief tutorial that pops up at the start though, as this will give you a few useful pointers for getting things started.

How can I get more storage space in The Blockheads?

If you're running out of space in your inventory, go to your Craft Bench and create a basket. You'll need sticks to make these, so smash down a tree or two if necessary. Alternatively, you can free up some space by clearing out any crafting materials you don't need. To do this, just drag the item from your inventory and into the game world.

How does the crafting system work in The Blockheads?

Every cube in the world can be destroyed and re-used. Sometimes, those cubes can be used as building materials to make equipment and structures in the game. Experiment with destroying every cube type in the world to find out what's available.

Which tool should I use in The Blockheads?

Spades are great for digging through dirt, machetes will allow you to harvest plants efficiently, axes are great for lopping down trees, and pickaxes help you mine ore and rock. All of these are made using your Tool Bench. You'll know when you have the most efficient tool equipped if you tap on a cube and it gets a green outline. A red outline means the tool will be blunted much more quickly if you carry on using it.

How do I join a two player game in The Blockheads?


To get a two player session going in the game, select that option from the menu screen. You can either hook up with a buddy over Game Center, or be matched up with a random partner for your brand new world.

How can I speed up crafting in The Blockheads?

There are two ways to make crafting go a little bit quicker in The Blockheads. First of all, you can spend Time Crystals to complete a job immediately. You only get a few of these when you start the game though, and if you want more you'll have to head to the real-money cash shop. Alternatively, purchase the Double-Time upgrade for a one-off fee. Crafting times are permanently reduced by half once you have this upgrade.

How do I know what materials I need in The Blockheads?

If you head to one of your crafting tables, tap on it, and then select the object you want to build, the crafting system will tell you which materials are required. If any of the materials are listed in red, that means you don't have enough. Head out into the world to get some more.

How do I feed my character in The Blockheads?

Harvesting plants with a machete is a great way to get hold of fruit and other edible foods that will restore your character's hunger meter. Just tap on the food in your inventory to consume it and carry on working!

How do I control movement in The Blockheads?


Wherever you tap on the screen, your character will travel to next. Note that he's an agile little fella, and so will climb up mine-shafts no matter how deep they are, and leap across gaps without you having to do anything at all! Note that you can queue up movement stages if you want to go from one area to the next

How do I craft objects in The Blockheads?

You're going to need a variety of different tools to build whatever masterpiece you have in mind for your next project. Tap on the crafting tables that you've created, and swipe around to see what you can build next. Note that as you uncover more and more precious materials, you'll be able to craft even better equipment.

How do I upgrade crafting tables in The Blockheads?

To upgrade your crafting table, you're going to need to find some special materials. You can find out what you need by selecting the particular workbench, then tapping on the icon marked with an upwards-pointing arrow. Each upgrade will push you to the limits of your current capabilities, so be prepared to have to hunt around for the precious materials!

How do I build structures in The Blockheads?

Once you've gathered materials, you can place them somewhere else in the world to build whatever fanciful homes, castles and monuments you desire. Simply tap on the building material in your inventory, then tap again on the screen wherever you want to place it.

How do I change Bradley's name in The Blockheads?


By default, you'll be given the rather unassuming name of Bradley when starting up a game. If you want to go by a different name - particularly handy in multiplayer - you need to rename the character when you warp him into a new world. Once you've tapped on the warp-in bubble, rename him in the little window that comes up.

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