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Take charge of the battlefield with our handy guide.

We reviewed A Little War earlier today, and while we found the game to be a little simple we can't deny we had a fair bit of fun with it too. If you're struggling to down your opponents on the battlefield, we've got some useful hints and tips that should see you on the road to victory!

How do I win a battle in A Little War?


In order to be victorious on each stage, you need to take down the opposing Hero. Note that you don't have to take out all of his infantrymen to be successful, but it will make it significantly easier as well as preventing your troops from perishing.

How should I move my Hero in A Little War?

In general, you want to keep him a little way back from the chaos during the early stages of a battle. Let him march forward with the troops, then stop him when he's able to deliver a ranged attack. Don't be afraid to switch up your tactics though - if you're fighting a melee specialist, keep him back, but if you're fighting a ranged opponent, get in there and chop him to pieces!

How can I make my Hero survive longer in A Little War?

It's very important that you prioritize leveling up your Hero's maximum health. If he dies, and regardless of how many soldiers you have left over, you'll be defeated. Hero HP TopLimit should always be your first upgrade when you reach a new tier of upgrade levels.

How does the Power currency system work in A Little War?


In each battle, you'll accrue Power over time. You need Power to activate your special skills during battle. At first your special skills will be grayed out, so you'll need to wait a little while until you can really get stuck into the enemy.

How can I get more Power in A Little War?

If you're finding yourself in need of more Power, there are two skill areas you can level up. The Power Speed Up option will see you accruing Power more quickly, and the Power TopLimit upgrade allows you to store more Power at any given time.

How do I get more troops in A Little War?

If you want to be able to field more soldiers in general, you need to upgrade your Troop TopLimit skill located at the very top of the upgrade options. If you need to replace soldiers who have died in battle, you'll need to top up the Soldiers Number option. If you want to completely refill (assuming you have the available money), just hit the Full button.

How can I get more gold in A Little War?


First of all, make sure you don't get so absorbed in battle that you forget to tap on the currency that occasionally drops from defeated soldiers - this is your main source of income. Secondly, you'll receive a bonus award of coins for a decisive victory, so do your best to keep your troops alive. Every time you see the goblin icon appear on the battle preparation screen, select it to take part in the coin-collecting mini-game.

How do I get the most coins out of the goblin in A Little War?

Once you've entered the goblin mini-game that occasionally appears, tap on him as quickly as possible to make him drop currency from his sack. You've only got 60 seconds to do this, so spam away at him and focus on picking up the gold and silver rings first.

How do I get the fourth skill slot in A Little War?

By default you can only take three of your special skills into battle. If you want to unlock a fourth, you'll need to purchase the extra slot from the in-app purchase store. Prices vary by region, so check from your device to find out how much this will cost you.

How do I open treasure chests in A Little War?


Those treasure chests often contain some serious coinage. You'll need a key to open each one, however, and while you're given one of these keys early on, you'll need to buy more from the in-app purchase store if you want to keep opening them.[Update: Modojo reader Derka_4 tells us that keys also drop from the money goblin, albeit very rarely]

How do the different skills work in A Little War?

Don't forget that you can take up to three special skills into battle with you (four if you've purchased the extra slot from the in-app purchase store). Here's the lowdown on what each one does:


This will give your Hero a vital boost of health if he finds himself coming under heavy attack.


As you'd expect, this explosive charge is capable of delivering devastating damage to troops on the battlefield



An extra-special melee attack, this is a great skill to use against weaker ranged opponents.

Needle Shield

Temporarily surrounds your Hero with a protective shield. This can often make the difference between success and defeat in close-fought battles.

Arrow Rain

Delivers a flurry of arrows at the opposing army, causing damage to multiple targets.


A red-hot line of fire that does damage to any enemies foolish enough to be caught up in it.

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