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Uh-oh, this just got real.

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Creative mode was too passive for my liking, so I said goodbye to the original world and had Minecraft generate a new one, set in the more formidable Survival mode, with the Creepers, skeletons, spiders and zombies. Little did I know that Pocket Edition was about to get all sorts of crazy, along with extremely difficult. Before I had unlimited resources. Now, it's all about standing in front of trees mindlessly hacking away before the sun goes down. You know what, I like it.


Chalk it up to hunger, but I named this new world Turkey Town. Little did I know at the time that my father-in-law was preparing turkey for dinner, so there was a little serendipity involved, or something like that.

First reaction: the world is significantly bigger than it was in Creative mode, which is great.


Second reaction: Look at all the cows.


Being a Creative softie, this was somewhat of a shock. I initially expected Mojang to cough up a few pieces of wood to get me started. Nope, Pocket Edition forces players to start from scratch. OK, Mojang. I'll play by your rules.


Lots of trees dotting the landscape and I can't build a house without wood, so it's time to chop these suckers down piece-by-piece. What began as a monotonous exercise became oddly relaxing.


Minecraft players always warn newcomers about the sunset, so my goal was to build something (anything, really) as quickly as possible. To start, here's the foundation.


The floor's taking shape. Kind of bummed that I probably won't be able to build something as nice straight away. Goodbye, brick home. Goodbye.


Damn. Where did the sun go? That happened kind of fast.


This is what I asked for, right? Maybe I can scratch the zombie to death with this plant.


Definitely can't do that. The sucker just knocked two hearts off my life bar. Surprise, zombies can swim. Who knew?


Avoided the zombie, and now there are skeletons with bows and arrows. At least on the positive side, the bastards have trouble finding the target. Problem is, there are so many that the odds of them hitting me just increased. How do I create the sword?


Still on the run, and there's a Creeper. Wonderful. Two hearts remaining. I might as well just die and respawn. Maybe that'll bring the sun up.


So no one told me you lose all of your resources upon death. Cute.


Undaunted, I set out to replenish those resources. Really digging the Crafting menu. Things are easy to create once you have the necessary ingredients. For some reason, I expected this to be more complicated and intimidating.


Armed with a stick, I set out to do the only thing necessary: beat a cow to death. Sucker took more blows than expected, but hey, a slab of meat as a reward isn't half bad. I'll save this for later.


Home's looking good. Pretty sure all those monsters won't be able to get inside.

As expected, night came quickly. Only one thing to do for now.


Covered the entrance with dirt and this is where I'll remain until the sun comes up. I can hear something walking around out there. Not sure what it is. Don't want to know.

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