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Our guide to this very loveable puzzler.

Chillingo's kitten-teasing Wake the Cat charmed us far more than we were expecting it to when we reviewed the game earlier today. Its physics puzzling may be a little rough around the edges at times, and there's a sprinkling of extra purchases available in this paid-for title, but we fell in love with the game nevertheless.

Here are all of our top hints and tips for getting to grips with this loveable game.

How do I use the fans in Wake The Cat?


Fans are good for altering the direction that your ball of yarn travels in, but be aware that you can tap on them to switch the airflow off. Sometimes it's necessary to turn fans on and off as the ball travels, so be ready for some nimble finger-work on later levels.

How do I get my ball passed the train in Wake The Cat?

If you've found yourself unable to get the ball passed the moving trains, have you checked whether you can stop them in their tracks? By tapping on the train you can cause it to stop moving in the current direction, allowing you to sneak around it. You can then start it moving again with another tap.

How do I access new stages in Wake The Cat?


To open up a new stage of levels, you'll need to either earn stars or use the in-app purchase that unlocks every level immediately. If you don't want to spend any more real money on the game, try going back and earning more stars on earlier, easier levels.

How do I get a three star rating in Wake The Cat?

Your star award is dependent on how quickly you solved a level, and how many attempts it took you. If it's taken you a while to get the solution right, and you've got a low rating, it's well worth going straight back in while your memory's fresh.

How do the signal gates work in Wake The Cat?


If a gate's obstructing the passage of the yarn ball, tap on it to raise the bar and have the ball travel onwards. Signal gates are very often connected together though, and raising one might lower another. Be ready to tap again if you need the ball to pass through a later gate.

How do the teleporting slippers work in Wake The Cat?

These are very simple but can appear confusing at first, especially with multiple pairs on the screen. Each pair has a blue and an orange slipper. If the yarn enters one slipper, it will emerge from the other. Experiment with each level to work out which slippers are connected.

How can I get more hints in Wake The Cat?


Once per hour you'll be able to hit the light-bulb icon at the bottom-right of the screen to get a solution (you'll still have to actually flick the yarn correctly, but you'll be shown what to do). If you want to use the hints system more than once per hour, you'll have to purchase the option through the in-app store This costs $0.99.

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