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Some basic advice for newcomers.

It's been a week since I started playing Minecraft: Pocket Edition, and while much of this intriguing game remains a mystery, there's a tiny bit of knowledge lodged in my brain to help deal with all the Creepers, skeleton bowmen and the crafting process. That said, I chose to take a break from my diary to communicate what I've learned, in the hope that beginners will take even the tiniest morsel of advice. Just keep in mind that I'm not an expert.


Creative And Survival Modes Are Night And Day

At first, I mistakenly chose Creative mode and couldn't figure out why the sun never went down. A reader immediately informed me that I had gone about things the wrong way, and I said goodbye to unlimited resources and a monster-free environment for the much trickier Survival mode. Suffice to say, it's been a constant struggle ever since. I went from constructing crude but decent-looking homes to a wooden hut with dirt for a door. I've died three times and lost all my resources, but here's the thing: Survival is the best option. You really get the most from the experience. That is, unless you'd rather build stuff without the threat of spiders and other nasty things. Just make sure you click Creative or Survival before letting the game generate the world.

First Thing's First: Build A Shelter

At this point, I can only assume that the sun is up over the same period of time that it's down, but it never seems that way. I'm sweating virtual bullets harvesting wood before the monsters come out at night. On the positive side, just because enemies appear doesn't mean you have to run and hide. You just have to be careful.

Ultimately, though, first thing you should do is build a home, however crude. And make sure you put a roof on it. A door isn't necessarily important, since you can just throw a few blocks into the entryway.

Craft A Stick

You can't walk outside without some sort of weapon, and a stick will do the job. Before making one, you'll need a Crafting Table (four wooden planks), which I wholeheartedly recommend, as it gives you access to a more exotic number of items and weapons. From there, grab two pieces of wood and you'll be good to go.

Ah yes. Should you build a Chest to hold items, don't put your stick in there.

Creepers Are Extremely Dangerous

Had no idea the little green guys explode, and I learned the hard way when one of the suckers tore a huge chunk from my house. Best advice I can give: if one's on your tail, lead it as far away from your shelter as possible. Just remember how to get back.

Get A Ladder

Requires seven sticks to build, and makes getting in and out of your house easier. Personally, I use it to get on top of and finish the roof.

Collect Fruit

It's easy to harvest trees for the wood and leave everything else behind, and that's a terrible strategy. Rustling some leaves will produce the occasional apple, and eating the fruit replenishes your health.

Don't Misplace Resources

To be fair, Mojang did a respectable job with the controls, but the touchscreen recognition is a bit too sensitive. As a result, you may accidentally place blocks as you move through the world. Thankfully, you can press and hold the object to pick it back up.

You Don't Automatically Harvest Resources

Carving up pieces of wood, dirt and other things does not automatically add these items to your inventory. Instead, it produces tinier blocks that you must walk over to pick up.

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