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Hints, tips and tricks for gaining an edge in Sega's strategy game.

If you read our review of Kingdom Conquest 2 earlier today, you'll know that there's a huge amount of gameplay content to get to grips with in Sega's new mobile game. If you're struggling to get your kingdom together, and bamboozled about how to do battle with others, we've pulled together everything you need to know to get a competitive edge.

How can I check my Resource level in Kingdom Conquest 2?


Each Resource type has its own bar at the top of the City screen, and you need to pay attention to the two figures in each. The figure on the left shows how many of the Resource you have, while the number to the right shows you how many of that Resource you can have banked at any one time. The smaller numbers beneath show both your Resource production per hour, and any bonus multipliers currently being applied.

How do I level up a facility in Kingdom Conquest 2?

To increase your Resource acquisition, it's very important to expand and improve on your gathering facilities. To level up a facility, you need to tap on it and select the Level Up option. It will take a little while for the process to complete, so take part in a different area of the game until the building work has been completed.

How do I move a facility in Kingdom Conquest 2?

Fortunately, Kingdom Conquest II is one of the few empire-building games to let you move structures around after they've been built - handy whenever new expansion opportunities arise. To move a building, hit the directional arrow icon, then select the building, and then put it wherever you wish!

How do I get more quests in Kingdom Conquest 2?


The game will never leave you short of things to do, and you should always keep your eye on what's going on at the left-hand side of the City screen. You'll be presented with new objectives constantly, so tap on any new icons to see what challenge the game has in store with you. Completing quests rewards you with very useful currencies for expanding your empire.

How long do combat seasons last in Kingdom Conquest 2?

Player vs Player combat is played out over a period of four months, with an ultimate victor being decided at the end of that period.

How do I win a season in Kingdom Conquest II?

To emerge as the ultimate ruler in each four month season of Kingdom Conquest 2, you'll need to capture more Debris Towers than anyone else. These are scattered throughout each continent.

What happens to my equipment when a new season starts in Kingdom Quest 2?


When one competitive period ends, and another begins, you won't lose everything you've battled to acquire. Items such as your Monster cards, gear and CP are carried forward into the next period of combat.

Why should I join an Alliance in Kingdom Conquest 2?

We'd certainly recommend playing solo for a little while, at least until you're competent in all of the game's content areas. Once you're ready to get stuck into group content, joining an Alliance will have numerous benefits. For a start, you'll be able to share battle logs and tactical information, and contributing towards your Alliance increases your Alliance Level. The higher your Alliance Level, the more Resources bonuse you'll receive, in addition to extra EXP bonuses.

How do I get more DP (Daily Points) in Kingdom Conquest 2?

Daily Points are rewarded for your ongoing activity within the game. You'll get additional DP for logging in each day, capturing a Debris Tower, and completing quests.

How can I get more CP (Charge Points) in Kingdom Conquest 2?


To get your hands on more CP, you'll either have to buy them from the in-app purchase store, or complete quests. Store prices for CP vary by region, so check from your device to see what purchase packs are available.

How can I get more resources in Kingdom Conquest 2?

You need stone, iron and wood materials in order to build new structures and produce additional Monster units. You'll accumulate resources over time, with the quantity depending on your infrastructure - improve this resource rate by building and upgrading new facilities and capturing more land.

What are Crystals used for in Kingdom Conquest 2?

If you want to hire more Commanders and buy more Monster Packs, you're going to need to spend some of your Crystals. If you need to get your hands on more Crystals, you can either complete quests or tap on facilities when the option appears.

How do I win a Battle in Kingdom Conquest 2?


Once you've dispatched your units to take on a Battle there are a few things that determine a victory condition. First you must eliminate all of the enemy units, and a high speed Monster will have a huge advantage. Second, the range between your Monsters and an enemy is taken into account, so you'll need to make sure you've got the stats to back up the battle positioning.

How do I get more Monsters in Kingdom Conquest 2?

If you want to acquire more Monsters for your fighting force, you can spend Crystals, CP or Tickets on Monster Packs.

How does Skill Synthesis work in Kingdom Conquest 2?

Synthesis is the process of taking one "base" Monster and feeding another to it in order to make the base Monster more powerful. There are three different sorts of Synthesis in the game. Enhance Skill increases the level of the base Monster, Acquired Skill teaches a skill to the base Monster, while Awake Synthesis involves feeding identical Monsters together. Maximize your Awake Points and the Monster becomes greatly enhanced.

How do I complete a dungeon in Kingdom Conquest 2?

To complete the dungeon sections of the game, you need to kill every enemy on a floor, then proceed to the next floor. Don't forget to grab all the treasure chests and health top-ups before you move on. Depending on the difficulty level you've selected for the dungeon, you may also need to defeat a mighty boss to complete the dungeon, so always be prepared for battle!

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