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There goes the weekend.

We're three weeks into 2013, and the release schedule picked up considerably. Now, instead of five to six games, we've seen 10 plus, a healthy sign for what should be a banner year for the mobile and tablet industry. That said, top iOS honors went to a well-deserved sequel, while Sega floored us with a free-to-play Android title that'll suck countless hours from our lives; thankfully, it's also available for iPhone and iPad.

iOS: Temple Run 2


How do you top one of the biggest games of all time? Stick to the proven formula and toss in a couple new features for good measure. To be fair, Imangi Studios played things a bit safe with Temple Run 2, which delivers more or less the same experience as its predecessor. At least on the positive side, this quality follow-up comes with significantly improved visuals, zip lines, mine cart rides and four playable characters. Does it innovate the crowded running sub-genre. No, but it's still a fun ride all the same.

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Android: Kingdom Conquest 2


Sega's attention-grabbing sequel is somewhat of a mutt, incorporating elements of real time strategy, card battling, 3D dungeon crawling and even MMORPG. This could've been a recipe for disaster, but the end product is quite mesmerizing. Four-player co-op, somewhat attractive 3D and a slew of characters and skills round out one heck of a package, leaving no doubt that Kingdom Conquest 2 will surpass the prequel's 3.5 million downloads in record time.

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