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It would appear that Square Enix finally crossed the line.

Final Fantasy: All The Bravest - A Mobile Gaming Disaster

For the past couple of years, Square Enix bucked the App Store trend of releasing games for $0.99 or free, instead opting to bring titles $9.99 and up to iPhone and iPad. In-app purchases played a big role with most of the company's efforts, but in the end, iOS users received quality products that somewhat justified the cost.

The most recent game, however, has caused quite an uproar. Final Fantasy: All The Bravest is little more than a frantic cash grab, with players spending $3.99 to download the app, then additional cash to unlock new characters and features. It already sparked outcry among video game journalists, and by the look of the App Store page, consumers are just as mad. That said, check out a handful of reactions.

Square Enix continues their anti-consumer all-greed crusade.

Nothing more than a gold digger with Final Fantasy nostalgia to hook you in.

This game is just a wallet syringe. There's no real gameplay and EVERYTHING costs more money. I feel totally ripped off.

I've bought hundreds of apps and this is the first time I've felt outright scammed. This is an embarrassment.

This "game" is horse crap.

Final Fantasy: All The Bravest Review

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