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If he can but you can't, maybe our quick guide can help you?

RedCandy's Tin Man Can is available from the App Store now, and we awarded the game a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars in our review this afternoon. If you're looking for a few handy hints and tips, we've got all the info you need to know about this entertaining auto-runner.

How do I hover for longer in Tin Man Can?


There are a couple of ways to top up your meter. First of all, whenever Tic is rolling along the land itself the fuel meter will quickly fill up. When you're up in the air though it's essential that you grab every Hovatron - these will also fill up the meter, and you may need every last one in a section to clear a particularly large gap.

How do I skip a level in Tin Man Can?

If you're finding a particular level a little bit too tough for your liking, you can spend some of the Hovatrons you've collected on unlocking the next level. Note that this only works for unlocking individual levels, rather than stages.

What cheats can I use in Tin Man Can?


The game rather handily provides some cheats of its own to help you get ahead, although you're going to need to pick up a lot of Hovatrons if you're to avoid spending real money. There are four cheats you can apply at the start of a run - here's the low-down on what each one does.


Cost: 5,000 Hovatrons

Protects you from danger on the playing field


Cost: 5,000 Hovatrons

Need a boost? Grab this power-up to get a little higher.

Space Ship:

Cost: 5,000 Hovatrons

The Spaceship allows you to zip along for as long as the upgrade is active.

Drill Ship:

Cost: 5,000 Hovatrons

To take advantage of the drill ship at any point, activate this upgrade before the run begins.

How can I customize Tic in Tin Man Can?


If you want to add a bit of cosmetic flair to your character, head into the Hover Shop. Here you can equip new exhaust types and tires. Note that you'll need to spend some of your hard-earned Hovertrons on the items. If you don't have enough, you'll need to buy some more from the in-app purchase store.

How do I use the height boosts in Tin Man Can?

The vertical blue rays that are dotted around levels will push you into the sky if you're caught within their area of effect. Very often this will help you get through a level, but they can be dangerous too. Sometimes they'll push you high above those essential Hovatrons, so always keep an eye on the action ahead, and be prepared to hover away from their influence if necessary.

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