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Has this very clever pinball game got you in a spin?

Momonga Pinball Adventures may be a rather brief adventure but it's also a wonderful one as we noted in our review yesterday. If you're struggling to get to grips with the game, here's everything you need to know.

How do I beat the panda in Momonga Pinball Adventures?


Your panda teacher goes through three distinct stages during the tutorial section of the game. You need to fling Momonga into the staff which he switches between his left and right hands. Hold Momonga in place with the appropriate flipper until the panda switches to the corresponding side. During his wandering stage you'll need to hit him first to cause him to stand still, then quickly hit his staff with another shot. In the final section, he'll flit around randomly, so just keep firing Momonga around the screen as quickly as possible.

How do I control Momonga during the flying stages of Momonga Pinball Adventures?

When you see Momonga take off in the air, you need to use tilt controls to steer him left and right towards the next part of the island. If you're struggling to grab all of the stars during this section, try tilting your device further to the side, as you'll drift further the sharper you tilt.

How do I get to the next section in Momonga Pinball Adventures?

Be sure to explore every last section of a stage if you're finding it hard to make progress. Sometimes you'll need to destroy a bit of rubble to make further progress - if you notice a bit of stone coming loose on a shot, keep firing at the same place and you'll eventually open up the path ahead.

How do I stop Momonga falling beneath the flippers in Momonga Pinball Adventures?


While mistakes will happen, it's actually very easy to stop Momonga falling below the flippers. If he's headed straight down the middle between them, a quick double-press of both sides of the screen will almost certainly save him - even if it looks like he should fall through the gap.

How does the challenge system work in Momonga Pinball Adventures?

The main adventure may be brief but there's bags of replay value to be had from the challenge system. Each stage will have a number of challenges associated with it, and you need to try and work through all of these. Many are trial and error, but with practice you should be able to complete them all.

How do I complete the Panda's Dream section in Momonga Pinball Adventures?

Once you've completed enough challenges, you'll unlock Panda's Dream in the game. In this bonus part of the game, you need to tilt your device to steer the panda around the screen. The objectives is to gather as many donuts as you can, while avoiding clouds - bump into a single one of these and your game is over.

How do I use Guaka to raise the lift in Momonga Pinball Adventures?


First of all, get Guaka onto one of the areas marked by an arrow. Then you need to fire Momonga towards him so he gets a boost up onto the upper level. When the blocks move backwards, fire Momonga around the ledge so that he turns the cogs. Repeat until the platform's been raised, then fire Guaka into the chunky blocks at the top of the screen to open up the path ahead.

How do I use Fry's special ability in Momonga Pinball Adventures?

Fry will only attack an enemy once you've rung the big bells that are found on certain levels. Keep ringing the bells until Fry's taken care of every enemy on the screen.

How do I defeat Kuton in Momonga Pinball Adventures?

To take down this angry owl, you're going to have to survive a number of different stages of the fight. In each one, you need to ring the bell first so that Fry can keep him occupied. After that, you must fling Momonga directly into him to take off a sliver of health. Keep repeating this, while staying out of the floating target reticule when it appears, dodging Kuton's spinning blades, and staying out of the beams he fires. When he summons companions, focus on taking them out first with the bell-ringing strategy, then resume the fight against Kuton himself.

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