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A quick blast of fun, but nothing that will trouble your plans this weekend.

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CraftedBattle can more or less be summed up in one concise sentence. It's a Minecraft first-person shooter against bots. The blocks are Minecraft's blocks, every character is a Minecraft Steve - only the addition of assault rifles and shotguns separates the two games, but is that enough?


For a start, there's no multiplayer component to the game - yet. When you jump into a game, it's a case of selecting your weapon of choice, then heading out into the blocky landscapes and taking down as many of the AI opposition as you possibly can. If you just want to rack up as many kills as possible you can specify an Endless slaughter, or alternatively set time limits for a match where the most kills wins.

Unfortunately, the AI you're up against is pretty dumb in truth, and more often than not a bot will begin firing whenever you're within its proximity, and then keep firing as it turns to face you. As there's a reload delay whenever you run out of ammo, this puts the odds in your favor a great deal - although if you run out of ammo yourself in a sticky confrontation, you can always switch over to a knife for a quick stab away at your opponent's last remaining health.


What adds a little more life to the game is the map editor which works surprisingly well. You can tweak existing maps, for example - choosing between block types, adding or moving terrain, adjusting spawn points and so on. Alternatively you can create an entirely new map after you've chosen some basic conditions such as the block types used, terrain type, and map height. Once you've built and saved your creation, you're free to jump straight into a game.

You can customize the deathmatch experience too, so if you want a particularly frantic match you can take on a maximum 15 bots in a battle, split soldiers into teams, or adjust how quickly health regenerates. The most impressive thing about the game is how the performance remains smooth, regardless of how extravagant your designs may be. The default look sensitivity is far too low by default though, so you'll probably want to head into the options settings to push that up to at least High.


There's certainly fun to be had from CraftedBattle but it's a very limited experience, as well as being hugely derivative of the Minecraft experience in all but combat. It may only set you back a dollar, but when you consider the feast of gaming available on the App Store for the same price, it's just a little too opportunistic for our tastes.

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What's Hot:The game performs well, the editor's solid, and you'll get some amusement from the concept.

What's Not:Pretty poor AI, about as opportunistic as it gets, and the fun is short-lived.


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