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A beloved classic comes to iPhone and iPad, while Android players put on their endless-running shoes.

January's turned out to be a good month for mobile games, particularly this week. On the iOS side, there's a superb port of a puzzle/strategy classic, while on Android, Google Play users received a sequel to one of the finest endless-runners we've played. Ultimately, everyone wins.

iOS: Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes


Capybara Games' celebrated puzzle RPG adventure made pit stops on DS, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC before finally arriving on iPhone and iPad. You know what? The wait was definitely worth it. A gripping plot and visually stimulating graphics perfectly compliment the gameplay, which is a wonderful mix of traditional RPG, turn-based combat and tricky puzzles. With a 20-hour campaign, 10 heroes to master, Cloud saves and touch controls, you'll definitely get your money's worth from this $4.99 download.

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Android: Temple Run 2


In just four days, over 20 million people downloaded Temple Run 2 on iOS devices. Now it's time to see what the Android community can do. Imangi Studios' long-awaited sequel features significantly improved graphics, zip lines, mine cart rides and all the power-ups and stat tracking we've come to expect from this critical and commercially-acclaimed franchise. Beyond that, fast-paced gameplay and user-friendly swipe controls make navigating the ancient ruins a breeze, at least until you smack into a wall or plummet hundreds of feet to your death. On the positive side, restarts are but a click away.

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