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Game of words.

Word games continue to dominate the free-to-play charts, largely because most of these titles are quite entertaining. Just look at Ruzzle from MAG Interactive. This asynchronous multiplayer effort pits two people against each other to see who can form the most words. It's well made, super addictive and easy to get the hang of, so long as you find willing participants.


Each game features three rounds comprised of two-minutes each. Your job is to locate as many words as possible from a 4X4 grid of letters. Spelling words is simple enough. You just place a finger on the starting letter and drag in any direction, highlighting as you go. Once you spell a word, you release, and the points get added to your score. When time expires, you wait until the other person takes his or her turn. Once all three rounds are completed, the game tallies the scores and declares a winner.

Also, similar to Words with Friends, certain letters have bonuses attached, where using them to spell words results in double word, double letter and triple letter points. Suffice to say, you should use these whenever possible.

Taking this into account, Ruzzle's a fun time, especially since you can have multiple games going at once. There is, unfortunately, a bunch of words that don't seem like words at all; not exactly a surprise. We've also been able to spell inappropriate/controversial words, like "rape."


As for concerns, a handful of cheat apps exist, designed to help players score all the words to any given puzzle. Ultimately, you just hope the person on the other end is honest. Aside from that, annoying ads litter the free version.

Speaking of the free version, it pales in comparison to the premium edition that sells for $2.99. Plunk down the cash, and you'll nix the advertisements, have access to unlimited games, match wits against the computer in Practice mode and check personal stats, among other features.

Providing none of those things sound appealing, we suggest sticking with the free download. Regardless of which version you choose, Ruzzle is yet another quality word game on the App Store. On that note, feel free to unleash your vocabulary.

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What's Hot:Frantic word searching fun, Premium version with bonus features, asynchronous multiplayer.

What's Not:No full-screen iPad version, free edition lacks premium features, cheat apps may put you on uneven ground, annoying ads.


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