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Take a look at what these talented architects have cooked up.

The announcement of Angry Birds Star Wars last year led to a huge number of outstanding tributes, and we picked out some of our favorites in our fan-art round-up. But there's a new creative kid on the block this year, and it's arrived in the form of The Blockheads.

Over at the official forums, devotees of the game have crafted some remarkable creations in the weeks since the game launched. It wasn't easy choosing between them, but here's our our pick of the ten best homes-from-home in no particular order.


If a man's home is his castle, then forum member 1029chris must feel like a king. A formidable fortress, this creation strikes just the right balance between graceful design and solid defense.


Community member bogoss neatly combines nature with craftsmanship for this striking home. Full marks for incorporating a forest into the roof area too.


If you like a little more bling in your buildings, Bozz has chosen to build this palace from solid silver. And if you can, then why not?


This very appealing post-modern creation is the handiwork of DaddyMatius. We love the way the colors blend together to create this soothing but exciting decor.


JonDd clearly prefers a more traditional approach to construction and the result is a perfect combination of elegance and utility, with plenty of storage space underground. All it needs now is a diving board on the roof...


For a peaceful harbor escape, we don't think you can do much better than Kawada13's elegant seaside fortress. Easy access to transport will do wonders for the real-estate value.


While similar to the castle by 1029chris, Pluto's intimidating fortress looks like the perfect place to stash away a gamer's most precious possessions. Good mining access too.


This Persian-inspired building by ShinZaer is perfectly designed with its deep blue and sandstone hues. Storage options are neatly stowed away beneath that tidy patterned floor.


Smash's timber home from home is simple yet perfectly formed, with plenty of high ceilings and a very market-savvy attic conversion.


Bright and breezy, and with an awesome use of artificial hilling, Va alien's creation is a great blend of country timber cottage and landscaping - and it's topped off with a superb room with a view.

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