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A complete guide to creating every citizen in the game.

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We've been obsessed with Chillingo's Pixel People ever since we got our hands on the game earlier this week. We've since published our review, but if you're struggling to create new professions in the game, here's every combination you need to know about.

There are two ways to use this information. We've listed the first piece of genetic material alphabetically, so if you're struggling to create new citizens, this will save you some time. If you want to find out how to make a specific profession, simple use the search function in your browser to discover the "ingredients" you need.

Genetic Material 1 Genetic Material 2 Profession
Accountant Accountant Magician
Actor Poet Comic
Actor Martial Artist Stunt Double
Animal Trainer Clown Ringmaster
Animal Trainer Milkmonger Shepherd
Animal Trainer Park Ranger Zookeeper
Archeologist Cryptozoologist Paleontologist
Architect Dreamer Artist
Architect Pilot Flight Controller
Architect Artist Interior Designer
Architect Salesman Real Estate Agent
Artist Salesman Art Dealer
Artist Cook Chef
Artist Construction Worker Painter
Assistant Sheriff Deputy
Assistant Architect Landscaper
Athlete Artist Ballet Dancer
Athlete Ballet Dancer Cheerleader
Athlete Athlete Coach
Athlete Cheerleader Footballer
Athlete Fishmonger Olympic Swimmer
Athlete Doctor Physiotherapist
Athlete Actor Wrestler
Ballet Dancer Rapper Break Dancer
Ballet Dancer Director Choreographer
Ballet Dancer Soldier Martial Artist
Bartender Waiter Barista
Botanist Vet Zoologist
Cameraman Cameraman Director
Captain Explorer Buccaneer
Captain Deputy First Mate
Car Designer Hotel Manager Valet
Chef Martial Artist Sushi Chef
Comic Painter Clown
Construction Worker Farmer Athlete
Cook Homemaker Baker
Cook Reporter Food Critic
Cook Assistant Waiter
Detective Photographer CSI
Detective Scientist Forensic Scientist
Detective Writer Reporter
Director Model Actor
Doctor Artist Dentist
Doctor Salesman Pharmacist
Doctor Photographer Radiologist
Dreamer Dreamer Philosopher
Engineer Nurse Doctor
Engineer Gardener Farmer
Engineer Assistant Plumber
Farmer Farmer Botanist
Farmer Plumber Fishmonger
Farmer Botanist Florist
Farmer Soldier Grave Digger
Farmer Salesman Greengrocer
Farmer Gardener Homemaker
Farmer Animal Trainer Milkmonger
Farmer Dreamer Winemaker
Fishmonger Sheriff Captain
Grave Digger Super Hero Anti Hero
Grave Digger Doctor Coroner
Grave Digger Explorer Miner
Historia Explorer Archaeologist
Historian Mechanic Watchmaker
Homemaker Fishmonger Cook
Homemaker Salesman Hotel Manager
Homemaker Gardener Nurse
Jockey Animal Trainer Cattle Rustler
Jockey Choreographer Disc Jockey
Landscaper Deputy Gardener
Lawyer Sheriff Judge
Magician Magician Genie
Magician Scientist Wizard
Mailman Salesman Courier
Mailman General Postmaster General
Marine Soldier General
Marine Biologist Explorer Deep Sea Diver
Martial Artist Soldier Ninja
Martial Artist Philosopher Sensei
Mathematician Engineer Programmer
Mayor Engineer Architect
Mayor Mechanic Engineer
Mayor Mayor Sheriff
Mayor Deputy Secretary
Mechanic Engineer Mechanical Engineer
Mechanic Artist Photographer
Mechanical Engineer Pilot Aerospace Engineer
Mechanical Engineer Mechanic Assistant
Mechanical Engineer Artist Car Designer
Mechanical Engineer Deputy Construction Worker
Mechanical Engineer Police Officer Firefighter
Miner Scientist Geologist
Model Olympic Swimmer Swimsuit Model
Model Artist Tailor
Mutant Jockey Centaur
Ninja Detective Secret Agent
Olympic Swimmer Paramedic Lifeguard
Park Ranger Doctor Vet
Philosopher Librarian Historian
Philosopher Scientist Mathematician
Philosopher Preacher Oracle
Philosopher Dreamer Preacher
Philosopher Engineer Scientist
Photographer Mechanic Cameraman
Photographer Lifeguard Model
Physicist Dreamer Astronomer
Pilot Astronomer Astronaut
Pilot Waiter Flight Attendant
Plumber Construction Worker Janitor
Poet Disc Jockey Rapper
Poet Poet Songwriter
Police Officer Philosopher Detective
Police Officer Doctor Paramedic
Police Officer Explorer Soldier
Preacher Weather Reporter Ancient Hero
Programmer Artist Game Designer
Programmer Programmer System Admin
Radiologist General Atomic Hero
Reporter Valet Mailman
Reporter Geologist Weather Reporter
Salesman Salesman Industrialist
Scientist Doctor Geneticist
Scientist Mathematician Physicist
Secretary Model Receptionist
Secretary Dreamer Writer
Secretary Mathematician Accountant
Shepherd Homemaker Carpenter
Sheriff Vet Animal Trainer
Sheriff Salesman Lawyer
Sheriff Landscaper Park Ranger
Sheriff Sheriff Police Officer
Soldier Olympic Swimmer Marine
Soldier Geneticist Super Hero
Songwriter Actor Vocalist
Trainer Valet Jockey
Trainer Wrestler Matador
Valet Mechanic Pilot
Vet Olympic Swimmer Marine Biologist
Vet Coroner Taxidermist
Watchmaker Explorer Time Traveller
Winemaker Salesman Bartender
Winemaker Baker Wedding Planner
Wizard Assistant Apprentice
Writer Artist Calligrapher
Writer Writer Editor
Writer Poet Librarian
Writer Dreamer Poet
Zookeeper Detective Cryptozoologist

In producing this guide, we referenced IGN in order to complete our discoveries.

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