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More ingenious constructions from around the internet.

Earlier this week, we brought you a round-up of some of the finest craftsmanship on evidence over at the official forums of The Blockheads. It turns out the internet's dripping with blockbuster building projects - so we've picked out some more for you to feast your eyes on.

Think you can do better? Upload your image to a service like ImageShack and pop the link in the comments section below. We'll pick out the best ones and highlight them on the site next week!


It's enough to give you a headache, but what a beautiful headache. A quick glance suggests you're looking at a crisp reflection, but this clever designer has created an impressive illusion with this underground carving.


Build a stairway to heaven, then shower the roof with gold and gems. A brilliant combination of color and creative positioning.


The building may be simple, but the carefully crafted homage to the mascot of The Blockheads is anything but. Top marks.


This clever crafter clearly prefers to live with the land, rather than on it, giving nature the first priority. Outstanding use of sunflowers.


We can't see around the edge of this particular building, but we're going to guess there's quite a view from there. Great use of stained glass in this bright internal garden.


If we were dot-com millionaires we'd probably own a mansion built to look a little bit like this. We're not though, so we'll have to settle for gazing at this fine creation. A man can never have too many donkeys either - respect.


We particularly liked this image as it captures the experience of having multiple characters in The Blockheads. The decor may be simple but it's clearly a bustling home.

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