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Want to know how to unlock every building? Here's all the info you need.

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Earlier today, we brought you a complete guide to unlocking every last profession in Pixel People. But suppose you want to add a new building to your blossoming utopia? In the chart below you'll find every construction option available in the game, sorted alphabetically, alongside the characters you'll need to create in order to unlock each building. Genetic Material creates Citizens, and creating Citizens unlocks buildings.

Building Citizen Genetic Material 1 Genetic Material 2
Altar Centaur Mutant Jockey
Aquarium Marine Biologist Vet Olympic Swimmer
Arcade Game Designer Programmer Artist
Arrival Center Mechanical Engineer Mechanic Engineer
Circus Magician Accountant Accountant
Circus Ringmaster Animal Trainer Clown
Circus Clown Comic Painter
Circus Matador Trainer Wrestler
City Square / Diner / Fast Food Janitor Plumber Construction Worker
Courthouse Judge Lawyer Sheriff
Dance Studio Ballet Dancer Athlete Artist
Dance Studio Break Dancer Ballet Dancer Rapper
Dance Studio Choreographer Ballet Dancer Director
Dance Studio Rapper Poet Disc Jockey
Dentist's Office Dentist Doctor Artist
Diner / Fast Food Cook Homemaker Fishmonger
Dojo Martial Artist Ballet Dancer Soldier
Dojo Sensei Martial Artist Philosopher
Farm Doctor Engineer Nurse
Farm / Greenhouse / Farmer's Market Farmer Engineer Gardener
Fashion Studio Swimsuit Model Model Olympic Swimmer
Gene Pool Geneticist Scientist Doctor
Greenhouse Botanist Farmer Farmer
Greenhouse / Nursery Gardener Landscaper Deputy
Hospital / Dentist's Office Radiologist Doctor Photographer
Lakehouse First Mate Captain Deputy
Lakehouse Captain Fishmonger Sheriff
Lakehouse / Farmer's Market Fishmonger Farmer Plumber
Ninja HQ / Dojo Ninja Martial Artist Soldier
Nursery Deputy Assistant Sheriff
Post Office Courier Mailman Salesman
Post Office Postmaster General Mailman General
Post Office Mailman Reporter Valet
Radio Station / Dance Studio Disc Jockey Jockey Choreographer
Restaurant / Diner Waiter Cook Assistant
School of Magic Wizard Magician Scientist
School of Magic Apprentice Wizard Assistant
Spa / Arena / Clinic Physiotherapist Athlete Doctor
Stable Shepherd Animal Trainer Milkmonger
Stable / Stadium Cattle Rustler Jockey Animal Trainer
Stable / Stadium Jockey Trainer Valet
Stadium Coach Athlete Athlete
Stadium Athlete Construction Worker Farmer
Stadium / Dance Studio Cheerleader Athlete Ballet Dancer
Swimming Pool Olympic Swimmer Athlete Fishmonger
Swimming Pool Lifeguard Olympic Swimmer Paramedic
Tavern Buccaneer Captain Explorer
Tavern Bartender Winemaker Salesman
Theatre / Film Studio Director Cameraman Cameraman
Theatre / Film Studio Actor Director Model
Town Hall / Arrival Center Assistant Mechanical Engineer Mechanic
Town Hall / Building Firm Architect Mayor Engineer
University Philosopher Dreamer Dreamer
University Physicist Scientist Mathematician
University / Business Center / Tech Support Mathematician Philosopher Scientist

In producing this guide, we referenced IGN in order to complete our discoveries.

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