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Being an NFL quarterback looks easy on TV. You just snap the ball, drop back and toss a 60-yard bomb to a wide-open receiver, who proceeds to high-step his way into the end zone. At least that's the fantasy of armchair QBs across the U.S. In reality, you have to worry about 300-pound monsters charging across the gridiron, adverse weather conditions and the constant threat of interceptions. This is the experience Full Fat mostly captured with NFL Quarterback 13 for iOS and Android. It's significantly easier than leading a team 100 yards to pay dirt, but as you'll learn, it takes more than a strong arm to achieve success.


You start off by selecting one of the 32 NFL teams, and slap a name (anything, really) onto the back of a jersey, which adds a great personal touch. From there, it's all about throwing the pigskin around the field (your QB remains stationary), doing your best to avoid pesky defenders and score millions of points in the process.

Played from a third-person perspective, you're able to look around by sliding a finger left and right across the screen, then swiping up to throw. What's especially cool about this title are the multiple receivers running routes. You can switch to different players using a helpful button on the bottom right corner of the screen. The idea is to wait until a circle directly underneath their feet changes from red to green, signifying that they're open.

Before making the throw, however, you'll need to keep a close eye on defender positions and take into account wind, which can send the ball 20 yards or so away from the intended target. Full Fat definitely tweaked throwing sensitivity, and it will take some time to get a good feel for power and trajectory. You only have three balls (think lives) to play with, so it's in your best interest to learn the game's nuances.

Meanwhile, NFL Quarterback 13 comes with power-ups to give you an edge. These Boosts let you slow down the action, add a blindside blocker to take out the defenders trying to destroy your QB and make hitting receivers easier. On top of that, you can spend virtual currency to decrease wind speed, make receivers faster and more open.


Finally, there's the option to upgrade your stadium for greater visual appeal. So long as you have enough credits, you can add tiers, cheerleaders, fireworks and unlock different weather conditions. Granted, much of this stuff costs quite a bit, but the decision (or not) to add more credits via in-app purchase doesn't affect your ability to play the game.

All of this makes NFL Quarterback 13 a highly accessible and fun game that provides hours or just minutes of amusement. That said, be sure to download it in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

Download NFL Quarterback 13 (iOS)

Download NFL Quarterback 13 (Android)

What's Hot:Easy-to-learn touch controls, switching between three receivers, putting your name on the back of the QB's jersey, upgrading your stadium, using boosts to get an edge.

What's Not:Difficult to afford boosts and stadium upgrades without IAP.


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