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Say hello to my little friends.

Yesterday we began the diary of our exploits in Pixel People as we attempt to create the perfect paradise for our pixellated persons. We managed to get the basics of a thriving community laid down early on, but where next for our own slice of Utopia?


With our Town Hall and Sheriff's Office maxed out with staff for a tidy productivity bonus, it's time to turn our attentions to the Gallery and Photo Shop we set up yesterday. A peak at the hint system tells us we need a Cameraman and a Model for the Photo Shop - we don't have the people we need to create a model yet, but we know from our guide that we can combine the Mechanic with a Photographer to make a Cameraman.


Once created, he gives us the opportunity to create a TV studio, which we place just outside of both the residential and the industrial areas, before joining everything up with a few roads to keep everything tidy. We want that TV Station to start earning its keep too, so we clone another cameraman and send him to work.


Cloning a Writer in is the next logical step, as they'll be useful for creating a Poet for the Gallery, and a Reporter for the TV Station. We need an Assistant first though, which also gives us a Bank. Where to put it? Residents will want access to the financial services, and the bank will want to make sure it can easily repossess homes when it lends recklessly, so we pop it at the top of the residential block.


Now we can create Writers, we combine some of their genetic material with that of a Dreamer to make a Poet. Now we just need an Art Dealer and a Calligrapher to max out the efficiency of our Art Gallery, but the genetic components lie a little further down the road so we ignore for now.


We can't max out our Bank very easily yet, as we only have the genetic material to create a Police Officer. We can't make the Accountant yet, but we do get some security into the bank to increase the safety of our citizens and their money. This also gives us the opportunity to create a Police Station, which we sensibly place next to The Bank.


After combining two Dreamers, we get a Philosopher, which will be essential if we're to max out employment in some of our buildings. It also gives us a University which we've nestled near the Bank. We leave things here for today though, with a town looking like it's finally coming together, with nicely laid out residential buildings, services, and a decent bit of security to keep the trouble-makers under control.

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