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Rule the diamond with a little help.

Gamevil just unleashed Baseball Superstars 2013 upon iOS and Android. Personally, we found the game to be a bit unconventional for our tastes, but with the franchise achieving a very impressive 45 million downloads, there's clearly an audience hungry for more. That said, let us help you dominate the opposition with some strategies.


Equip Items Before Starting A Game

Before hitting the field, consider spending G Points on a maximum of three upgrades designed to boost your performance and damage your opponent. Options include increasing a batter's power by 15 percent and decreasing the opposing pitcher's stats by 10 percent, among others.

Tip: Rest your players to recover their strength.

Pitcher And Battle Level Independently

Your pitcher and batter are two different characters. This being the case, upgrades you make for one don't carry over to the other.

Manage Relationships

Baseball Superstars 2013 has six attractive ladies. Select one and take advantage of boosts. Medica, for instance, helps you recover when resting. Haley, on the other hand, lets you receive bonus points based on game performance. Then there's Helga. With her, your EXP increases after games.

Complete Quests

These missions range from getting three RBIs in a game to winning a PvP match. Succeed, and you stand to gain G Points, Stars, Experience and even powerful items.

Once you finish a quest, you must press the Quest icon (top right) to claim the reward(s).

Tip: Open Lucky Boxes for valuable items. Just remember that each one costs either G Points or Stars.

Train Whenever Possible

You can't expect to improve without training. Do this to acquire Experience and other valuable resources. Just keep in mind that training consumes G Points and Stars.

Tip: You need a Wi-Fi connection to play Baseball Superstars 2013.

Visit The Store

Here, you'll find a wide selection of things, from helmets, bats, shoes and outfits that make your selected players stronger, to a plethora of items that will give you an all-important edge. Here's a small sample of what you'll find.

Check-Up (1,500 G Points): Heals current illnesses and injuries.

Summon Scroll (60 Stars): Super player summons +20.

Time Machine (40 Stars): Ten chances to re-play a game. EXP, GP are intact.

Golden (50 Stars): Increases G Points and EXP after the game by 25 percent for 100 games.

Batting Book (60 Stars): Super Batting +50.

Buy More G Points And Stars

Running low on currency? Nothing an in-app purchase can't fix.

Stars: 40 ($0.99), 130 ($2.99), 220 ($4.99), 470 ($9.99), 2,400 ($49.99), 5,000 ($99.99).

G Points: 8,000 (10 Stars), 42,000 (50 Stars), 85,000 (100 Stars), 440,000 (500 Stars), 900,000 (1,000 Stars), 2,900,000 (3,000 Stars).

Tips From Gamevil

-Higher Cup finals will reward you more EXP and G Points.

-A player can be upgraded to Level 250.

-Train to earn EXP and SP. With sufficient EXP, player levels will increase. SP are used to learn skills.

-After the 10th season, you will be asked to retire a player once in every five seasons. Retired players can play in the same team as your teammate.

-When creating a new player, you can use permanent/equipping items that you used on the previous player. You'll still have to learn skills from the beginning.

-You can make a player or teammates stronger.

-Before facing the opposing player, Mental will be compared. The one with higher Mental will be able to activate skills. If the opponent looks strong, summon a Super Player to receive a powerful buff at-bat.

-Use Super Battling/Super Pitch to crush your opponent.

-After a game, Condition and Popularity change based on performance.

-Nurtured players can play as many games as you wish.

-Play a match against another player's team in the PvP menu. You have five chances per day. With the 5th win, you receive an Upgrade Stone as a reward.

-Play against your Gamevil Live friends to receive a Player Upgrade Potion.

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