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There's an intriguing mix of old and new in this week's release round-up.

It's been rather a slow week for mobile gaming in general, but fortunately we're just a matter of hours away from the fresh crop of games that always accompanies the strike of midnight each Thursday. We've peered into our crystal ball to highlight the games we think you should be getting excited about this week.

After Burner Climax

Sega's After Burner series needs no introduction, and this arcade classic has already been given a new lease of life on the Xbox and PlayStation digital download platforms. Now it's the turn of iPhone and iPad owners to take to the skies in a game that introduced two new planes to the series - the F/A-18E Super Hornet and the F-15E Strike Eagle.

Roar Rampage

Fans of pixel art are in for a destructive treat with FDG Entertainment's Roar Rampage. You take on the role of a gigantic Godzilla-like creature on mission to wreak havoc upon an assortment of cities. As well as a campaign mode, you'll also be able to get stuck into an endless version of the game where you crush buildings and stamp out human opposition to your heart's content.


Inspired by the physics control mechanics of Ski Stunt Simulator, the developer of Krashlander has created a game full of deadly mountain crevices, soaring mountain slopes - oh, and evil robots that are hell-bent on destroying the world. You're the last surviving human, but can you see off the apocalyptic invasion single-handed?

Metal Slug 2


You can already pick up the first and third entries in SNK's famous Metal Slug series, so why the second game has only just cropped up on the App Store we're not really sure. Fans know what to expect though - a classic scrolling arcade action game, packed full of enemies and deadly weaponry. Co-op fans will be pleased to know there's support for multiplaye via Bluetooth too.

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