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We accidentally discover nature.

Welcome to the second installment of our diary series exploring The Blockheads. In our first diary entry, we'd left Bedders comfortably sheltered in Beddersland with plenty of pick-axes, shovels and tree-chopping machetes at hand. Now it's time to explore...


Well, not quite yet. Bedders may live in the kind of hovel that a 15th century medieval peasant would turn their nose up at, but that doesn't mean we can't add a little functionality to proceedings. So we add a second level to our muddy abode where we place our storage chests - now we have somewhere to store all of our loot.


We had a good rummage around in the open-air in our previous diary entry - mainly because there are about as many trees in the world we've seeded here as there are in the Sahara - but now it's time to take a look at what we might find underground. Fortunately, we learn before heading out that putting a camp-fire next to anything flammable is a bad idea. We repair the damage and move out.


Now here's an odd thing. You can just about make out Bedders, hanging elegantly from a piece of dirt at the top of the screen. But what is beneath him? A bit of sky? Rare jewels? Whatever it is, we can't chip through it or travel around it, so we go with Plan B: put a roof over the portal too, and head to a different part of the mining complex.


Ambient light is proving to be the trickiest part of our underground exploration. While we were travelling back home to build a couple of campfires to dot around the mining areas, the sun rose and we were able to see our mine shafts a little more clearly. We managed to scrape together some Stone and Limestone from the gray area to the left but we can't chip through that gray stuff yet. Time to strategically place some light around the place.


Now, the more observant of you might have noticed that Bedders' humble hovel has undergone something of a radical transformation. After a disappointing day of frustration mining underground against unmineable materials, we discover the ability to plant things. Cue a few in-game sleeps to pass the days and hooray! We're dripping in nature.

Next time, we'll do a lot less underground exploration (until, at least, we work out how to make candles), and a lot more natural building to make a proper home from home.

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