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Monster the opposition with our handy hints and tips.

Roar Rampage is out now on the App Store, and not only is it one of the most original games we've played so far this year, it's also one of the most fun. We scored the game highly in our review earlier this morning, now here are all of our top hints and tips for causing carnage on a cataclysmic scale.


- The best way to take out buildings is to smash them at the lowest levels, so that the upper part crumbles away at the same time. Don't tap here, use a rapid swiping motion back and forth to pummel away at the brickwork. Keep an eye out for enemies on the higher levels though! You might want to smash them quickly first.

- You can use enemies and objects to cause even more destruction. Whenever you're batting a helicopter out of the sky, for example, try to send it flying off in the direction of another enemy vehicle. You can build up some crazy destruction chains with well-aimed fingerwork.

- The only part of your Godzilla creature that can deflect missiles or any other projectiles is the boxing glove. If they hit you anywhere else, you'll lose a little bit of life - lose all of your life and it's game over.

- If you need to earn more gems, head into the World Tour selection and complete the mission objectives you're presented with. The early rampage missions will give you a seriously useful head-start in the power-up store.

- Always grab any scenery that becomes highlighted with a target reticule. Destroy these and you can grab them to cause even more city-wide carnage. We particularly like the monorail carraiges - make gentle arcing sweeps with these and you can take out a huge amount of scenery at once.

- You'll sometimes unlock an Arkanoid mini-game in Roar Rampage. You only get one life here, so try to keep the game going for as long as possible. Play it safe and you can pick up a huge number of gems.

- During the 'Welcome to the Jungle' stages, keep a very close eye out for the attackers who swing on vines towards you. Be ready to bop them with a quick tap of the screen as they approach your punching range.

- To unlock new stages in the game, you need to complete the previous set of levels. There are three areas in the game, in addition to the endless mode which will take you on a world tour that's packed full of landmarks.

- If you're struggling to make progress to the next set of levels, consider spending some of your gems in the shop. Here you can pick up health top-ups that will save you in a pinch, as well as boxing gloves which confer special benefits. You'll need to equip your chosen glove before heading out on your next rampage.

- Got gems to spare? Consider making a few cosmetic changes to your Godzilla in the game's shop. Here you can either take on a new appearance entirely, or just add a dashing monocle to your marauding monster.

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