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A special visitor arrives in town.

This week, we've brought you the first and second entries in our diary as we attempt to create the ultimate Utopia in Chillingo's marvelous Pixel People. Let's see how far we get in today's update.


In our last diary entry, we started to get a little slap-dash with our tidy and organized town-planning, so the first order of business is to get more workers into the University. There's a Scientist and Mathematician position going, and a glance at our professions guide tells us how to make them. We also get a Research Lab in the process, which we nestle alongside the University.


The housing crisis rears its head again, so we build a couple of nice houses in the University complex so the egg-heads don't have too many distractions! It would be nice to fill out the Research Lab, but the Zoologist and Cryptozoologist lie some way down the road. The Bank still needs an Accountant though, and now we've got the Mathematician we can clone one! That gives us another building maxed out with employees, and the Accountant also unlocks our Business Center! It's not placed very well right now, so we'll be moving it when we've got more land space available.


The Business Center needs an Accountant, a Secretary and a Mathematician, so we clone them and put them to work to give us another maxed-out building! We're running out of residential space though, so pop a handful of houses around the Town Hall so the civic workers can get to work easily. We also received a new special citizen in the form of a Salesman!


We're starting to run out of new building options, so we throw together a Philosopher and a Dreamer to see what comes out. It gives us a Preacher, and a Church to build, so we nestle the latter by the housing complex at the Town Hall. There are two new jobs to create for the Church but we can only make the Oracle at the moment. Once they're cloned we put them to work, and get a Fortune Teller building in the process! We place it next to the bank - they need all the help they can get.


And here's our Utopia at the end of day three. Once we've expanded our land just a little bit further, we'll be able to introduce fountains, forests and park spaces. Expect big changes to our science fiction slice of heaven in the next entry.

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