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Any love left for the physics puzzle genre?

Those of a queasy disposition, and who see Valentine's Day as a looming threat rather than a time of celebration, are probably going to want to give Be Together a wide berth. It's yet another physics puzzler for the App Store, but your challenge in this particular game is to bring two love-struck blobs together, while gathering as many of the three stars spread around each level as possible. Hit the play button to set thing off in motion and they'll roll around the landscape, responding to any changes you've made to the playing field.


Things aren't quite that simple of course and to complete a level you're going to need to deal with many of the cunning traps, puzzles and enemies that populate each level. To do this, you're given a selection of different objects that you can drag and drop around the screen, so as to keep the pair out of harm's way on their journey towards each other.

A curved banana-like object can be used to add a little flying momentum as your blob races down towards it, for example. There are impish creatures who can lift the creatures high up into the sky on contact, then drop them down for a massive speed boost. Fluffy little clouds act as bouncing platforms for clearing chasms, and there are also magnetic devices that whip a traveling blob around before flinging it off into the distance.

There are three themed stages at present, each filled with 20 levels, and we're promised that more are on the way. You'll need a certain number of stars from a previous stage to unlock a new one, although you can buy early access if you're impatient or struggling to make progress in the game. Collecting the pets littered around each set of levels also unlocks a particularly challenging puzzle, but you can unlock these bonus levels for $0.99.


Elsewhere in the cash store, you can pick up game hints for extra money. It's a bit of a shame to see these additional purchases tacked on to what is already a paid-for game, although we had no trouble unlocking all of the levels without resorting to in-app purchases - our advice is to head back into earlier, easier levels to pick up more stars if you're really stumped.

Be Together doesn't so much reinvent the wheel as paint it pink, slap it on a wedding car, and send it roaring off into the distance, but physics-puzzle fans will certainly find plenty to be enamored with here. It doesn't do anything particularly new for the genre, and the constant romantic giggling and burbling of the characters might drive you up the wall, but when all's said and done it's a solid enough puzzler.

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What's Hot:A solid physics puzzler with a lot of levels for the asking price.

What's Not:Additional in-app purchases for a premium game, and the constant burbling of the characters soon grates.


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