By: Chris Buffa February 12, 2013 0 Comments

A series in need of a sequel.

Infinity Blade is like Angry Birds in the sense that we expect it to occupy a position on the top 20 paid App Store games list at all times. That being the case, you can imagine our surprise upon learning Infinity Blade II is 124, with the original sitting at 177 in the U.S. Now consider the news that Epic Games closed Impossible Studios, the team behind the spin-off Infinity Blade Dungeons, and we have to question the current state of the franchise.


First, neither Epic or series creator Chair Entertainment released an Infinity Blade game during December 2012, destroying the notion that fans could expect a new entry every 12 months, which was the time between the first and second game from 2010 to 2011.

This would have been easier to swallow had Dungeons made a welcome appearance, but at this point, we don't know how far along the game is, or whether Epic intends to finish it. Considering the rapid pace of iOS development, and the fact that other dungeon crawlers have come out since the company announced the game almost a year ago, we question whether it should even exist within the Infinity Blade universe. After all, for a series headlined by intense one-on-one battles, a top-down dungeon crawler doesn't seem to make sense. To be fair, and for all we know, Dungeons is a fantastic game, but where is it, and what's going on at Epic that prevents it from completing an iOS title?

At this point, both Chair and Epic have allowed the App Store to evolve without keeping Infinity Blade in the public eye, ClashMob aside. Would Infinity Blade 3 immediately rocket up the charts? Absolutely, but until that happens, we can't help but shake our heads and wonder if the first two games are in danger of falling outside the top 200.

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