By: Chris Buffa February 13, 2013 0 Comments

Darth Vader versus Luke Skywalker, Yoda, an AT-AT and more.

After teasing players with limited information last week, Zen Studios finally gave fans a glimpse at Star Wars Pinball in action. Most notably, The Empire Strikes Back table that seeks to recreate the film's most memorable scenes. Not only will you enjoy Darth Vader's thrilling duel with Luke Skywalker in Cloud City, but also the epic battle on Hoth, complete with an AT-AT and Snow Speeder. From there, watch Yoda train Luke in the ways of the Force. All the while, classic music from the movie and voice clips (these don't appear to be authentic) compliment the experience.

From what we've heard, you can activate in-game missions by hitting the center bank and collecting letters to spell STAR WARS. From there, you're free to choose which scene you'd like to start, with five missions total. Complete those, and you launch the lightsaber duel. Also cool is the ability to use checkpoints during missions, in case you need to put the game down.

On that note, watch this new trailer and get ready for Boba Fett's next week.

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