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How much will this freemium game cost you?

Much has already been written about the decision to make the highly anticipated Real Racing 3 a freemium title. If you're curious to find out exactly how much this game is likely to set you back, check out our complete guide to all of the in-app purchases that are currently available in the game.

All prices have been translated from the New Zealand Dollar currency to the standard US Dollar App Store equivalent. While we've been given no indication that this should be the case, note that prices may change between now and the game's Western release date of February 28th.


Real Racing 3's Gold currency allows players to speed up the installation of new vehicle upgrades and repairs, as well as purchase premium vehicles. Small quantities are awarded during gameplay.

Currency Quantity Price (USD)
Gold 10 $1.99
30 $4.99
65 $9.99
150 $19.99
400 $49.99
1,000 $99.99


Used to purchase repairs, upgrades and vehicles. Gained through playing the game or via in-app purchases.

Currency Quantity Price (USD)
R$ 50,000 $1.99
140,000 $4.99
300,000 $9.99
700,000 $19.99
2,000,000 $49.99
5,000,000 $99.99

Premium Cars

You can purchase certain cars in the game using the Gold currency. Note that our estimated USD cost provides two values - the cost if you were to buy the smallest and largest packs of Gold from the in-app purchase store.

Car Gold Cost USD Cost (approx)
Porsche 918 RSR Concept 150 $30 / $15
McLaren MP4-12C 65 $13 / $6.50
Pagani Zonda R 400 $80 / $40
Koenigesegg Agera R 800 $160 / $80

Pack Prices

Certain packs are available from the store. Here are the contents of each one (including bonus Gold) along with the pack prices.

Pack Cars Series Gold Price (USD)
Street Spec Booster Pack BMW Z4 M Coupe Street-Spec Skirmish 5 $1.99
Road Car International
Prime Production Match-up
Supercar Booster Pack 2005 Ford GT Pro/AM Supercar Club 30 $4.99
V8 Performance Brawl
Race Car Booster Pack 2010 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR-X Accolade Open 65 $9.99
V10 Grand Open
All Classes Pack 2011 Dodge Challenge SRT 8 Performance Rumble 5 $9.99
2013 Audi R8 V10 Coupe V8 Muscle Hustle
2010 Porsche GT3 Cup Supercar Masters Series
V10 Showdown Series
GT3 World Series
East/West Throwdown
Racing Spec Collector 2011 NISSAN JR Motorsports GT-R GT1 GT1 Grand Tour 10 $19.99
2010 BMW M3 GT2 ALMS Global GT Clash
2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 GT3 Accolade Open
GT3 World Series
V10 Grand Open

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