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Everything you need to know about beating the competition.

Real Racing 3 is available to download now from the New Zealand and Australian App Stores, but the rest of the world will have to wait until February 28th to get stuck into this freemium edition of the franchise. We reviewed the game yesterday, and while the endless timers blunted the experience a great deal, there's no denying that there's an incredible racing experience to be had - when the game's not stalling, that is.

Looking to get ahead of the competition? We've put together some useful hints and tips for making cash, minimizing the impact of those timers, and how best to get ahead of the competition.

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- Using all assists is a great way to get to grips with the game, but as you level up you're going to want to take more direct control as you tackle the world's most challenging racers. You can access the traction, steer assist, and breaking assist settings from the pause screen or just before the start of a race. Gradually lower each assistance until you reach your current comfort zone.

- When playing the game online, you'll face off against the game's Time Shifted Multiplayer system. This creates AI opponents using times recorded by the global community. If you have to play offline, your own performances will be uploaded to the servers when you next connect to the internet.

- Don't forget to upgrade your vehicles when money allows you to do so. Any TSM racers who keep their cars in top condition will likely have a significant advantage on the racetrack, harming your ability to bag a decent chunk of change from your own performance.

- In Real Racing 3's drag races, things are a little bit different. You need to concentrate on two things - smacking that Launch button the very instant those lights turn green, then tapping the gear-up switch whenever you want to change gears.

- You'll need to complete three different rounds in each of Real Racing 3's drag races. You'll be paired off against increasingly challenging TSM competitors so make sure you concentrate in the latter rounds. We found that shifting up a gear the very second the needle hits red bagged us plenty of top podium finishes.

- Tired of waiting around? We strongly recommend getting an alternative vehicle to race in as quickly as possible. Horrible though those timers may be, they only apply to the current vehicle that's being repaired. You can switch out to another car to carry on racing, so make sure you get an extra one in your garage as soon as possible.

- We found drag-races to be an excellent, reliable and speedy source of income. If you need to grind out some cash for a new car, get a few upgrades in your starter vehicle first and then hit the strip to make some serious cash.

- Choose your starting vehicle carefully. You may have your own preferences, but we found the Nissan Silvia S15 provided an excellent all-round balance of speed, traction and acceleration.

- In an Elimination event, you need to make sure that you are anything but last in the pack when the 20 second timer has finished counting down - the driver at the rear will be eliminated from the event. The 20 second timer will then start again, and this process repeats until only one racer is left on the track. If you're fighting for survival, avoid the temptation to ram the car in front - the repair costs may well not be worth the extra cash you'll receive for the improved finish position.

- You'll find it very hard to beat many of the Speed Snap events if you have every assist turned up high, as your vehicle will automatically brake far too early. Take a little more control of the car to eke out the essential speed - you're competing to set the fastest speed over the finishing line out of whatever pool of racers you're thrown in with.

- Big damage costs big bucks in Real Racing 3. Be very careful when you're around other traffic and considering attempting a risky maneuver. If your vehicle takes damage, its performance will degrade, and the only way to fix that is to put the car in for repairs. You might win the race, and a little extra cash, but if you can't play the game for an hour you'll lose money in the long run.

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