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Fight for your right to party.

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At the end of last month we reviewed Ride 'Em Rigby, the spin-off gaming title from Cartoon Network's popular series Regular Show. It fared pretty well in the App Store charts, so it's no surprise to see another series get its moment on mobiles. Step forward Adventure Time's Fionna, disturbed on a journey to Lumpy Space Prince's party, and ready to take on everything standing in her way.


Gameplay couldn't be simpler. As Fionna travels automatically from left to right, you need to tap on the various enemies that appear and swarm around the screen - clatter into more than one enemy and you'll get a points combo. Should you mess up your targeting, or fail to hit one of the enemies before it travels off the screen, you'll lose a little bit of your energy meter. Once that's entirely depleted, your current turn ends.

You'll earn gems for each enemy you destroy, and these can be spent on various upgrades in the game's store - choose the energy potion, for example, and it will occasionally appear on the playing field so you can keep going for a little longer. Swords can also be purchased which provide Fionna with a temporary burst of explosive damage. Alternatively you might want to unlock one of the special upgrades which shower enemies with knives or fireballs.

Even running on the latest iPad hardware, we did find the gameplay a little bit jerky and difficult to focus on - something we experienced to a similar degree with Ride 'Em Rigby. With everything lurching around as Fionna charges into enemies, it can sometimes be frustrating to keep on top of everything and prepare for your next assault. It's not game-breaking by any means, but it can make for an awkward end to a run.


Fionna Fights certainly has its moments, although the game's a very short-lived affair when all's said and done. Having grabbed a few power-ups and run a dozen or so games, you'll have seen everything the game has to offer, but fans of the cartoon series will certainly get more mileage out of this particular adventure.

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Read our Fionna Fights - Adventure Time cheats and tips

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What's Hot:A decent bit of fan service that'll kill a few train journeys.

What's Not:Very simple gameplay, and the single piece of character voicing grates after a time.


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