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Set your sights on this slick sniper game.

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The first thing you'll see when you look up the App Store listing for Clear Vision 2 is an immediate warning that this game is not suitable for children under the age of 17. This sniper game tells the story of a powerful hitman setting out to discover the whereabouts of the missing love of his life, while taking on an assortment of contracts to keep the bills paid. As you'd imagine, it's unquestionably a title for the older gamer.


There's always an essential pantomime feel to any violence in the game, however. You might have to take out an office worker, but from your position you can also see a colleague sitting happily on a photocopier, firing off ream after ream of posterior pictures. The game's most extreme moment occurs in a scene where you interrogate a man lying on a conveyor belt where a whizzing buzz-saw awaits his unfortunately positioned approach. Were the game styled in any other way but stickmen, this would be a step too far - instead it just about remains in the realm of James Bond villainy and absurdity.

These moments are mere asides anyway, and your weapon of choice for the majority of the game's content is the sniper rifle. There are plenty to purchase with the money you earn, and each one adds its own flavor to gameplay, whether providing a bigger clip, a better targeting system, or just greater explosive power. Money's very easy to come by however, and the rather mild challenge of the game means you'll be able to jump from the second-weakest to the most powerful rifle in the game without breaking a sweat.

Of the missions themselves there are 25 in total. While even the hardest won't take you more than a couple of attempts to complete, you will have to factor wind speed and target height into your calculations in later missions. The additional complexity isn't particularly tricky to factor into your aim, but it does provide pause for thought, and you'll often receive additional info during a mission that requires you to choose your target carefully.


While the game may not be the most challenging you've ever played, it's the sheer variety of content and attention to detail that really makes Close Vision 2 stand out. The cut-scenes that tell the underlying story of the game are effortlessly slick as characters drive around the city and stroll through offices delivering some superbly snappy dialogue. There are occasional attempts to shake up the core shooting mechanics by having you drop rocks onto your target below, for example, and while these missions don't always work quite as well as the traditional gameplay, they do add some much needed variety.

More of that variety is found in the form of mini-games. You can bet money in an underground boxing ring, where combatants do battle in scenes reminiscent of those old stickman fighting Flash videos. Property can be purchased too, and if you fancy playing the stock market you can choose to invest in underworld activities. None of it's essential, but they're fun enough diversions for a turn or two.

The developers aren't kidding when they say the game is suitable for those 17 years and over, but Clear Vision 2 isn't the feast of gratuitous violence for violence's sake that you might be expecting. Instead it's a fascinating gaming experience, one that's expertly crafted and told with a very keen eye for black humor rather than outright offense. Only those of a particularly squeamish disposition will find the comedic violence too much to bear - for everyone else this is one of the most original and polished games you'll likely play this year. A pity it's not just a little more challenging too.

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What's Hot:A slickly styled sniper game with plenty of character.

What's Not:It's a brief affair, and it could be a little more challenging.


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