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Sharpen your sniping skills with our handy game guide.

We had high praise for Clear Vision 2 in our 4 out 5 star review earlier today. Even if the game is a little too brief and not quite challenging enough, it's clear that plenty of care and attention has been lavished on this sharp-shooting title. Need a hand steadying your aim? Here are all of our top hints and tips for becoming a master marksman.


- Once you've settled on a target, aim your sights at the intended victim and wait for three squares to light up. You'll need to raise your sights to match the distance of the target, and also use the horizontal markers to compensate for wind speed.

- Don't worry about unlocking every gun in the game. In one of the early missions, you'll be forced to upgrade once, but the next tier weapon will serve you all the way until you have enough cash in the bank to pick up the game's most powerful sniper rifle.

- To get new jobs, tap on the computer in the hitman's apartment. From here you'll be able to read new e-mails and accept new jobs.

- In the mission Cold People, don't shoot the man holding the papers until he's reached for his pen and signed them. Your client needs that contract signed!

- Don't forget to tap on the newspaper from time to time - the game will update it to reflect the jobs you've undertaken recently.

- You can pick up a new weapon early on by tapping on your apartment door, then selecting the Bumville section of the map, then visiting Bad Ben's Weapons.

- Fancy your luck? If you want to earn a bit of extra cash, you can head to the Underground Boxing section of the game, accessed from the Bumville area of the map. Pick a red or blue boxer, set your wager, and then cross your fingers. Don't bet all your money!

- Keep an eye out for any extra information that appears at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. You may receive tips here that are essential for identifying the correct target - you don't want to take out an innocent bystander!

- In the mission Party Pooper, you don't have to wait for the target to be identified. Just take out the guy furthest to the left to bag your reward.

- If you want to achieve a perfect score on a mission, you'll need to complete it with the smallest number of shots, the greatest accuracy, no civilian deaths, and no mission failures.

- In the mission Cliffdiving, you'll be shooting the person sitting on the left - but you must wait for the person on the right to throw a rock towards him.

- Always pay attention to the text in an e-mail before accepting a job. It will very often give you essential clues for picking out the correct target and completing a job quickly and cleanly.

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