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Try harder.

A big name movie franchise. The current, over-saturated genre du jour of auto running. A coins-for-weapons upgrade system. Objective-based missions that add some measure of purpose to proceedings. Like night precedes day, Die Hard the rather predictable mobile game preceded the global release of the fifth Die Hard film.


Bruce - let's be honest - wouldn't look too hot these days as a videogame character, and we can't see the kids buying it either, so it's over to son Jake for jogging duties. As he runs slowly and rather stiffly through the game's environment, your job on the team is to swipe left and right to steer him through coins, swipe upwards to send him stumbling over obstacles, and tap on the enemies that appear. Oh, and reload the weapon with alarming frequency - at least until you've unlocked an upgrade or two.

Visually it's a fairly accomplished title, although some of the character animations and models are decidedly PS1-era. You'll notice this most prominently when you go into the shop to view new outfits and weapons, and your avatar does the most peculiar stationary moonwalk while spinning endlessly around. Still, it does add a reason to head back into the game, even if you've run out of cash to access a checkpoint, and have to start from the very beginning.

Of course the real reason for the game's existence is to have you spend money so that the film can be advertised to you. Before you even get to see the main menu screen you'll have to watch a brief trailer to the film. Elsewhere, you can grab the money that lies around the screen to buy new weapons and ammo clips, but if you can't stomach the grind then you'll need to spend money in the in-app purchase shop so as to bypass gameplay.


In fairness to Die Hard, the game does - awkward character modeling and animation aside - at least function and do what it sets out to do. It's not the best runner though, and it's certainly not the best shooter, and the combination of the two in this instance is rather slow and dull. But it works for however much time you're prepared to give to it. We've yet to see the film for ourselves, but we can't help but think the studio could have done a little more with this particular box office lure.

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What's Hot:Top-notch production values for the most part, and a silly bit of throwaway fun to support the movie.

What's Not:A very slow paced game, expensive checkpointing, and some poor animation work.


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