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Take that, Snowball.

Touchscreen devices were made specifically for games like Hackycat. OK, so maybe it's the other way around, but regardless of how you look at it, this tricky and somewhat demented title from developer Kenneth Wong manages to shine, thanks to user-friendly tap controls, challenging gameplay and adorable kitties. Just make sure these helpless felines never hit the ground.


As the title clearly implies, the app is essentially Hacky Sack with cats, where the goal is to repeatedly kick the cuddly critters to keep them in the air and score lots of points. You do this by simply pressing the desired animal, whereupon which the "athlete" automatically teleports to that exact location and delivers the kick.

Striking the cat in its tail and butt sends it right or left, which comes in handy for collecting cheeseburgers that appear temporarily. Gather enough of these virtual treats, and you'll be able to deliver an all-powerful Superkick that essentially propels the unlucky cat into orbit.

This is quite manageable with one cat. It's when the game throws two, then three and four onto the screen when things get hairy, so to speak. With cats occupying different areas of the screen and falling at different speeds (and exploding birds slowly flying about), kicking them all becomes quite difficult.


What makes Hackycat especially brutal, however, is the simple fact that letting one cat touch the ground ends the current game. Not only that, but the kitty explodes on impact into a few pieces, punctuated with a satisfying/horrifying squishy noise. Seeing as how all of the cats have names, it is somewhat unsettling to see Sooty, Whiskers and Tibbles' heads rolling around. It's the sort of fine line that makes Hackycat, depending on how you look at the game, somewhat inapropriate for youngsters.

On the flip side, it's all in good fun. We don't condone abusing animals, but we still recommend Hackycat for its intense touchscreen play, power-ups (rainbows are a godsend) and lighthearted presentation. Slip into a comfy pair of virtual shoes and get ready to punt Hipstacat into oblivion.

Download Hackycat (iOS)

What's Hot:Over 15 cats to unlock, three different characters, unleashing Superkicks, frantically tapping the screen to keep cats in midair, watching cats go splat.

What's Not:Watching cats go splat may not be appropriate for all ages.


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