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A spoiler-free guide to beating this mysterious game.

Year Walk hit the App Store last night and we were impressed enough to award the game 4.5 out of 5 stars in our review earlier this morning. It's one of the most atmospheric puzzlers we've played in a long time, and we'd hate to spoil the experience for you. Instead, here are some important hints and tips for how to unravel the mysteries of the game yourself.


- You can only navigate between areas when a glowing arrow appears at the top or bottom of the screen. Swipe downwards to move further forwards, and upwards to move back. Make sure the glowing arrow is visible before doing this.

- Get a pen and paper and map out the routes through the game. Navigation is simple, but there'll be times when you want to get to a previous area while a solution is fresh in your mind.

- If you have no clues, then you can't solve a puzzle. Don't get distracted by the first conundrum you come across in the game - keep exploring.

- Make a note of everything you come across in Year Walk, and don't feel compelled to solve a puzzle immediately. Multiple clues and puzzles are blended together in the game, and you may be missing the vital link.

- If you come across a wandering character, follow them until they reach their destination. They may open up a new path ahead, leading to a whole new mystery.

- If you find a location that's clearly important, play around with any objects you find inside. Spin, tap, hold and press down every object you come across. If it can be interacted with, it can be manipulated in order to solve a puzzle.

- If you're keeping notes of everything you come across, check through them if you get really stuck on a puzzle. Don't discard any knowledge you've gleaned about previous challenges, as you may need to refer back to it later on.

- Stick around for the credits, as you'll be given information about how to uncover the complete ending of Year Walk. It's not over until it's really over!

- The companion app holds the key to truly completing the game. Once you've downloaded it from the App Store, read and explore every aspect of it to understand how to unlock the final piece of the puzzle.

- Think back to the very beginning of your journey in the game to truly complete it. Did you really solve every puzzle?

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